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Easy Tips for Overcoming B2B Sales Management Bottlenecks in SMB

Sales | by Patricia Jones
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Say Bye-Bye to Sales Management Bottlenecks !
Anyone working in sales as a manager with or without an easy to use CRM solution knows it takes an intensely strategic and systemic approach to get those astonishing performance results that every leader in sales want to achieve for consistent business growth every month.

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However, it only takes a few common mistakes to ruin these highly systematic and strategic approaches and lose the battle.

Therefore, to bring in consistent and exceptional performance, eliminating existing bottlenecks in sales is most needed to get your sales team met their goals in no time.

Hence, to get started, here are a few top sales management tips to eliminate the pain points in managing sales by saying bye to potential bottlenecks:

Bottleneck# 1

The Dearth of Time Management

Sales management is one of the most dynamic and fast-paced positions in any organization. Therefore keeping that in mind, even if you are using a business tool like Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM software to streamline your workflow, it is too easy to lose focus and remain in track to make time for the most important tasks.


Effective planning is one of the most successful ways to avoid sales management bottlenecks related to time management which can be accomplished by defining the role of each sales rep in your team and thereafter making it a habit to review their progress on a weekly basis using metrics found in easy to use CRM software.

Bottleneck# 2

Not Being Consistent

There is always a war between sticking to the rules and then again letting some sales rep get away scot free even after doing things in their own way. This happens because sales managers at times connect better with some sales rep and so even trusts them more.
Now, doing this could lead to a shifting of the sales goals to accommodate their favored reps who are not playing by the rules.


Consistency is most often one of the differentiating factors between being just good and overwhelmingly great.
Hence while evaluating the performance of your top reps, it is important to remain consistent in the way you treat your salespersons and your expectation of them, hence simply because any of your top reps are bringing in sales at twice the rate of everyone else does not make them untouchables.

Always remember, everyone in your sales team has the responsibility to be a good employee, and so if anyone cannot play by the rules, let them go, as they will certainly undermine the morale, create unnecessary divisions, and poison others in your sales team.

Bottleneck# 3

Lack of Training

Training and developing sales reps is one of the most challenging jobs that a sales manager need to do. Hence, as a sales manager never tell your reps what to do, but instead teach them, as just instructing the reps what to do as an alternative of teaching them creates ill-equipped sales reps those who fail to work through problems or handle challenges.


To eliminate this sales management bottleneck coach your sales reps to make the most out of them and teach your salespersons what they can be. Avoid stooping every time to their rescue, but instead, set goals for them and provide the tool they need (like easy to use CRM software) and let them handle their own issues.

Bottleneck# 4

Unaligned Sales and Marketing Departments

There has always been a huge rift between the marketing and sales teams in most sales-oriented organizations, which a big part that creates bottlenecks in sales management jobs.
This is because, if you take a big picture view, to a lot extent both these two departments in an organization share similar objectives, and hence a divide between them most often hampers productivity.

It has been observed by us as one of the award-winning vendors of small business CRM software solution, that sales often blames marketing of not generating enough leads, while on the other hand marketers feel that the sales teams are not putting-in adequate efforts in order to convert the leads they generate into a sale.

Therefore having these two teams on a collision course often times results in limited productivity as both these teams are needed to tackle challenges together with their effort overlapping each other for finding rapid business growth .


The earlier you can align your sales and marketing teams the sooner your sales management will start paying off which in turn will help in eliminating sales management bottlenecks.

Hence to get started primarily ensure that the communication between these two departments in your organization is streamlined and thereafter create aligned objectives to motive both the teams to work together for creating marketing campaigns and strategies using easy to use CRM software solutions for boosting sales and business growth.

Bottleneck# 5

Lack of Data Analysis

Understanding your sales data in the easy to use CRM database also plays an effective role in eliminating sales management bottlenecks.

Therefore, create a data-driven strategy and analyze the available data for drawing insights from the information available in your CRM database.


There are several tools available for data analyzing and reporting. Most businesses nowadays use cloud based CRM tools to get access to a comprehensive report in the form of graphs, maps, and charts which makes it easier to diagnose issues in the sales pipeline, seal loopholes in the sales management process and streamline your sales teams efforts for finding optimal efficiency.

Takeaway- Navigating the Hurdles

Solutions for winnowing out sales management hurdles and bottlenecks are never one-size-fits-all strategies. Therefore, as a sales manager, you are required to keep adapting your methods to changing times as no object on the sales management path is insurmountable, since as a manager when your employees feel like you have their best interest at heart, they are more likely to respond positively and work towards winning more sales for your business.

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