Alexa Features of Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) CRM Software

Features You MUST Look For In Your MCA CRM Software (Especially During This Pandemic)

CRM | by Patricia Jones

Technology solutions for business practices do not usually involve reinventing the wheel, but so to speak add enhanced and efficiency and functionalities to existing business processes to boost accuracy, speed, and user experiences.
And it is even more true- when we are looking for a solution to manage our businesses during this COVID-19 Pandemic times.
MCA CRM is an important tool that allows Merchant Cash Advance businesses to communicate with and serve the requirements of their customers.

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The purpose of easy to use Merchant Cash Advance CRM is to engage customers and create a meaningful relationship with the customers, create lasting dialogues that enhance understanding of the customer base, and increase their loyalty for your business growth.

Merchant Cash Advance CRM platforms can aid in tracking and thereafter measuring campaigns and perform in-depth customer analysis, which can help in expanding knowledge beyond the core marketing and sales areas to incorporate customer support and even financial data, which can provide a 360-degree view of every individual customer and even measure experiences of the wider customer base in the Alternative Lending marketplace.

Apart from developing and maintaining customer relationship, most MCA CRM has three robust functionalities which include:

• Sales Force Automation (SFA)
• Data warehousing
• Opportunity management

SFA can automate tracking of customer account histories, implement sales analysis, and coordinate sales, marketing, and retail outlets borrowing from alternate lending businesses.

Data warehousing of MCA CRM software allows users to follow trends, aggregate transaction information, and determine value and KPIs by uncovering data from the CRM database.

Opportunity management aids cash advance businesses to manage unpredictable demand and growth through a forecasting model that integrates sales projections with sales histories.

Therefore, a robust MCA CRM software increases customer satisfaction while at the same time reduces the number of actions needed for managing the customers.

As mentioned even before, integration is the key to proper implementation and adoption of any CRM software.

This means, your easy to use CRM must be able to work seamlessly with your present and existing business software platforms.

For example, most MCA CRM software integrates with accounting packages like QuickBooks for leveraging the power and functionalities of QuickBooks CRM software like ConvergeHub that offers QuickBooks CRM integration free.

An effective CRM solution should inevitably increase sales without increasing overhead. If you find your CRM solution adds complexity without any benefits, you may be using a system that is not right for your business.

But do not give up. The best CRM solution is there for every business – it may take some customization and tweaking, but the benefits it can provide far outweigh the time it takes to calibrate a CRM system to fit your needs.

Now choosing the right MCA CRM for your alternative lending business depends mostly on the size of your organization.

For example startups and small businesses usually does best with customized CRM solutions that are scalable and meets the requirements of their organizations without adding an extraneous feature that bog the system and also most essentially your workflow as it happens when SMBs opt for CRM solutions like Salesforce and prefer not to use Salesforce Alternative CRM software platforms that are specially developed for small businesses.


Therefore to conclude, the key benefits of implementing the right MCA CRM for your Cash Advance business include customer loyalty that enhances the security of your future revenues.

That means, implementing the right MCA CRM solution like ConvergeHub for your alternative financing business during these troubled times, when every single customer counts, lets you simultaneously save resources and time while it helps to increase your customer base and ROI.

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