Alexa ConvergeHub synchronization with GoToMeeting boost for SMB

ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting synchronization boost for SMB

Productivity | by Patricia Jones
Goto meeting integration with CRM software ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting synchronization boost for SMB. You meet a crucial prospect. The prospect seems highly impressed with your product and requests for a real-time view into it. You note down the client request in the CRM, and leave the venue regretting if only your CRM offered video and audio tools. Then you could have promptly provided a demonstration of your product to capitalize upon the moment and close the deal right then.

Timing is critical in sales where you need to hit the target when the opportunity is right. According to industry survey too, in 95% of occasions – any amount of delay in collaboration with the prospect can take the deal away from you.

The question is: whether you want to take that high-end risk?

Obviously, no. So to avert falling into any such plights where a delay in collaboration prevents you from a making a sale – you need a combination of CRM & Online Meeting & Collaboration Solution.

Question: Where can you find this powerful combination working in harmony?

Answer: In our Business Management Platform titled ConvergeHub.


It is a leading cloud CRM software built priamrily for the fast growing small and medium businesses. It combines Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Collaboration and empowers users to attract more prospects, win more deals and build lasting customer relationships from within its platform.


It is an online collaboration solution that lets you conduct unlimited online meetings, that includes screen sharing, HD video conferencing and audio conferencing.

When the two combine, your sales rises to new levels of performance!

How ConvergeHub + GoToMeeting results in massive Productivity Gains for the Sales Team?

1. Speedy Sales Process:

Empower your sales agents to schedule conference calls, webinars and online meetings with your prospects and customers – from inside ConvergeHub. With one click they can start GoToMeeting from within ConvergeHub account and give product demonstrations or conduct trainings sessions and more.

Imagine how productive can this dynamic feat be for you?

Your sales agents can collaborate and communicate with your customers and leads in minutes. They can present the right solutions at the right time to gain the advantage and close the deal. Be it the request for a product demo or a training session, sales agents can be quick and nimble by instantaneously catering to the demands of your customers.

2. Enhanced Customer Intelligence:

Sales agents can store enormous amount of information about your prospects and customers within ConvergeHub database. Further they can map the meeting details (type, duration, attendees and minutes of the meeting) with each lead, contact and account. Thus, all the meeting information and other details can be recorded as part of ConvergeHub history.

Do I need to say how helpful can this be?

The combined information of customer details and meeting conversations can provide enhanced intelligence to the sales agents. They can utilize it to understand the customers/prospects’ psyche more deeply and modify their approach accordingly.

And the best part:

during the course of online presentations or web conferencing, sales agents can access all the client related information from the CRM repository. This can make it much easier for them to interact with the customers and get closer to closing the sale.

3. Time Saving:

Your sales team will not have to waste time on system integration. ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting integrate in a few minutes and will work in perfect sync to ensure that your sales agents do not have to streamline data siloes.

In addition to this, the factor of ‘traveling’ that usually delays a sales process will not be applicable for you anymore. Since the meetings will be done online, your sales agents can reach your customers and prospects positioned across any part of the world, within minutes.

Right at their desk or in the conference room, they can invite up to 25 attendees and then conduct any type of business-grade web conferencing session. No lost travel time.

4. Teamwork:

Consolidating a geographically dispersed sales team for a crucial project is challenging! But not when you have the combined force of ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting. Utilizing the amazing online collaboration feature, you can bring your sales teams together to collaborate on sales opportunities and share winning practices.

5. Multi-tasking:

Choosing ConvergeHub will give your sales team a plethora of online collaboration capabilities combined with a robust contact management system. As a result, all sales activities will be done at a much greater pace:

  • Generate and Contact the Lead
  • Schedule and Conduct an Online Meeting
  • Note down the Meeting details
  • Close the Deal
  • Follow-up with the Lead via web conferencing.

Straight from ConvergeHub, sales agents can leap from one task to another, without missing a beat.

Impressed by the benefits but wondering whether your prospects and customers use GoToMeeting?

Do not worry. It is not necessary for your meeting participants to install the GoToMeeting application or have account in GoToMeeting. By just clicking on the received meeting invitation link(sent by your team), they can view and join meetings instantly.

So delay no further. Get the Twin Powers of CRM and GoToMeeting through ConvergeHub and energize your sales team.Get a detailed view on ConvergeHub Product. Or Start your FREE TRIAL now. No credit card details required – just get on with ConvergeHub!


Already a ConvergeHub user? Share your comments below on how you have benefited from the stellar combination of ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting.

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