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How To Create Email Templates That Convert

Marketing | by Patricia Jones
How To Create Email Templates That Convert

How To Create Email Templates That Convert and bring more business. If you are an entrepreneur, you must be probably aware that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal that can bring potential growth in your businesses.

But, before you start selling to your audience, you must know who are your ideal customers, where they are from and what they are willing to buy. If you can get this right, you can easily see an increase in ….

– Email click rates

– Email opening rates

And finally (what you have been looking for all along)

– Landing page conversion rates

But, this is not an easy task. For, just creating a simple opt-in form seldom creates enough solid base for your email marketing campaign to stand on.

In reality, you need proven and actionable steps that will not only attract subscribers, but make them open your emails and most of all – ACT- on your messages.

Fortunately, help is here.

Tips 5-Star-Email-Templates that Convert

Today, we are going to show you how you can create profitable email templates that really convert, and also keep your subscribers hungry for more.

As at the end, it is the email designs that separate the winners from the losers, when your only desire is to convince your email recipient to hit the Call-To-Action button on the mail.

You may say: “But I am not a designer?”. We are really glad that you mentioned that, because the simple truth is – You really don’t need to be one.

In fact, if you are capable of understanding a few of the key elements of any email, like email layout, screen responsiveness, color psychology, and some of the coolest online photo designing tools, you can always create email templates that are working today in multiple disciplines and industries all across the globe.

Many well-known email marketers like Ed Gandia name these email templates as “warm emails”, where each email campaigning template is personally handcrafted, making it way ahead different from the other emails that hit the recipient’s mailbox.

So, here is how you can take your email to the next level- from a white bread campaign to a five star emailing experience.

#1 Place the Content in the Right Order

As more than 40% of US iPhone users read their emails for 0-3 seconds, so the most actionable area for information is considered to be ‘on top of the fold’. This means that every single little pixel on top of the fold counts.

So, it is most important, that the area which lies on top of the message needs to contain a very clear, but a non-intrusive Call-To-Action message for the recipients.

#2 Make It Appeal To The Eye

Many a times, we all have opened emails being sent with bad color choice, poor quality of photographs and lack of interesting media.

But, the ground reality is, when you are selling any product or services online, you need to capture your customer’s attention with beautiful email designs. Here are a few key suggestions, as to how you can do so:

    • Always ensure that you upload good quality photographs on your email templates. Even if you don’t have a professional graphic designer by your side to assist you in building your email campaign templates, try to make your photographs look interesting by using free online photo enhancement and editing tools.
    • Always choose your template colors with utmost care. A recent study done on colors and how it affects our brain, has revealed that men tend to like brighter colors while women prefer more neutral shades. So take the right color into consideration while designing your email templates. If you are unsure about what color you can apply to your email templates that will evoke the right emotion which will suit your target audience and your product, here is one example you can find helpful that can help you to dive deeper into the colors and their individual psychologies.


Color psychologies

#3 Don’t Underestimate GIFs

GIFs are becoming increasingly popular within emails nowadays. It is so, because GIFs most often do an excellent work for presenting information in a more palatable way while showcasing a product in action.

However, always take into account that your GIFs are not distracting from the actions that you want your customers to take and so are in-context with what you want your readers to do after opening your email.

#4 Make it Responsive

Developing email templates that are not designed for viewing both on mobile and desktop is like putting a big sign on the door of your e-shop reading “Mobile Viewers Not Welcome “.

According to a recent survey, it has been found that 1st and 3rd most popular email client’s in the US are iPhone and iPad mail apps, respectively. So, if your email template is not responsive, more than 80% of your customers on most occasions will delete your email- once it doesn’t look good on their hand held devices.

So, designing a responsive email template means creating a template that is proportionally scaled and optimized for all devices it is viewed on.

Here are a few golden tips that you can do to make your email templates responsive:

      • Opt for HTML emails
      • Add ALT tags to images
      • Include a link on the email to a web-based version
      • Bring your styles inline
      • Use lots of tables nested together
      • Slice the images and link them separately to the email

#5 Keep To The Right Size

Always optimize your emails so that they are neither too long nor too short. For it is needless to say, emails that are too short, mostly gets directed by all popular ISPs to the customer’s SPAM box.

Again, emails which are too long often gets truncated (cut off) after they have reached the maximum size. For an example, Gmail is one unforgiving web mail service which displays only 102KB of the email and chops off the rest.

This means, if your email template is big, there is every possibility that most of your essential elements in your email (like your Call-To-Action button, tracking codes and unsubscribe link) may get truncated as a penalty for not adhering to the rules.

So, as a rule of the thumb, keep your emails within ≥ 500 words to avoid them getting flagged as SPAM.

End Note

All said and done, now that you know how you can create beautiful email templates that will keep your visitors coming back for more, write to us if you have any other suggestions- we are always here to learn anything new.

Tips 5-Star-Email-Templates that Convert


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