Alexa Convert Obstinate Leads Lurking Inside Your Easy To Use CRM Software

Innovative Ways To Convert Obstinate Leads Lurking Inside Your CRM Software

CRM | by Patricia Jones

CRM or a Customer Relationship Management software is a tool that permits your business to manage contacts in an effective way, which can have a positive impact on your businesses’ bottle line as you nurture leads and prospects through their sales cycle.
However, the problem lies when some of these leads in your easy to use CRM just would not convert. These fence-sitting leads mostly click through your landing pages and even open your emails, but nevertheless, they do not click the buy button and become a customer.

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Now even though it can be really tempting at times to simply disregard these obstinate leads as duds, however from a business standpoint doing so implies losing out on potential revenue, in this ever-growing competitive marketplace.

Hence in this article let us explore some of the creative ways you can convert fence-sitting stubborn leads in your easy to use CRM and how you can make them your brand’s loyal customers for consistent business growth.


Use a live chat on your website

As one of the most popular vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM for startups and small businesses, we have often observed that there are some leads that take longer to get converted as they are still in the research phase, and so require additional information to help with their decision.

For these leads, businesses can make it easier for prospects to reach out by using live chat. Needless, to say, live chat is a chat box that any business can integrate on their website, which can allow visitors to type in a question and thereafter receive a prompt reply from a customer support executive.

According to studies it has been found live chat is extremely effective for converting leads as it is an awesome tool that 79% of consumers prefer as a method of communication.

This is because live chat allows consumers to receive an immediate response without having to pick up the phone for clarifying their queries or send an email.

Moreover, you can even send leads in your CRM database to contents on your website using email campaigns where they can get in touch with your support executives using the chat feature integrated into your software.

Get them on your email list

For any business, an email list is a powerful marketing tool. In fact, according to surveys, it has been noticed that email is one of the top-performing digital marketing channels even today.

Hence once you have an email list in your CRM you can easily build relationships with prospective customers and move leads down through the sales funnel using an email sequence as a part of your businesses’ sales cadence.

Now there are several ways that you can use to collect email addresses.
You can collect email addresses of your prospective customers through traditional networking activities like holding meetings or meeting contacts at conferences, or capture fresh leads visiting your business website with the help of sign-up forms that can automatically transfer the contacts to your CRM’s database and offer incentives to get prospects to enter their email addresses.

Now no matter how you collect your emails, it is the need of the hour that you must get them on your email list.

There are several easy to use CRM software platforms in the marketplace that can help you to track your email campaigns in real-time and see how well individual messages are performing right from the dashboard.

Therefore, using these business growth technologies and tools once you see that leads are opening your emails which implies that they are interested in your offer, you can instantly follow up to continue nurturing that prospect and try to get them closer to a sale.

Use a pop-up quiz

As we have said even before, there are certain leads in your CRM those who want to buy something, but they cannot make up their mind, which can be really frustrating for the sales reps as their goal here is to increase conversions.

Now another innovative way to approach this issue is to use a pop-up quiz on your website.

Now, these are not typical quizzes that you find in general websites that tell you what character you are from The Game of Thrones or The Office, rather these quizzes are created to make leads find out what they are looking for based on their selections.

It has been noticed that pop-up quizzes can be a silver-bullet to convert leads, especially if you have a plethora of products to sell on your website.

Deploy retargeting campaigns

In a perfect world, we can assume that each visitor will convert into your customer. Nevertheless, it does not happen in the real world.

This is because visitors and leads may get easily distracted just when they are ready to purchase or they may simply not be ready yet to buy.

Therefore, another effective way you can convert these leads in your easy to use CRM is by retargeting these prospective leads awaiting conversion in your CRM database.

Here how it works:

A visitor lands on your business website and clicks through your product page, but unfortunately, they leave without making a purchase. Retargeting is a technological wonder which allows you to reach the same visitors time and again by showing them ads of your product or brand on the advertising networks like Google or Facebook.

Recent studies have shown that retargeting is an excellent means to create a more profitable sales funnel, which is especially true for e-commerce websites.

For example, you can easily retarget your buyers who have abandoned their shopping cart with ads that display enticing offers.

Now if you are using an easy to use CRM you can even segment your list and thereafter make your retargeting campaigns more effective by targeting specific buyers with their preferred wish list and offerings.

Have a clear and well-defined call to action

Finally, if your leads are not converting, the problem could be that your CTA (Call to Action) is lacking what is needed to move the leads to a sale.

Now a Call to Action or a CTA is prompt, which is a button or a text that is designed to encourage visitors to take an action.

CTA specifies exactly what you want your visitor to do, which can be either a move to buy your product and services or even sign-up for a free trial.

Therefore, make the CTA button on your homepage or your campaign’s landing pages clear and well-defined so that visitors cannot miss it as it uses a prominent color.

You can even optimize the CTA buttons with a copy to say “Try for Free” or “70% Discount” instead of generic copy like “Click Here”.

Hence experiment with different types of CTAs on your pages and run A/B tests to measure which works the best for your company.

Takeaway- Follow up with your leads

As bonus advice, if you want to close more leads in your easy to use CRM platform, you need to reach out.

Now while this may seem obvious, but this is even true that research shows even less than 48% of sales reps never attempt a single follow up.

Hence, follow up on your stubborn and face-sitting leads with a phone call and thereafter even send follow up emails which can be extremely effective as a part of your sales cadence when done correctly.

The bottom line is, once you are using a CRM sending follow-up emails is one of the best ways to convert more leads in your CRM as many of our customers who use our CRM for small and medium business have seen as much as 18% boost in their response rates on the first follow up email and a 27% jump on the sixth email which is an effective tool for converting obstinate leads to customers.

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