Alexa Why mobile CRM is Crucial for Your Small and Medium Businesses

Why mobile CRM is Crucial for Your SMB

Small Biz Resources | by Patricia Jones
Mobile CRM is Crucial for Your SMB

We all are aware how indispensable CRM strategies are in today’s business world. From reduced marketing expenditures to superior customer retention rates- the benefits of CRM are never-ending. With the speedy rise in telecommunication and mobile technology, mobile CRM is a perfect tool for those who are on-the-go, since mobile CRM provides essential access to sophisticated data and customized information on the field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 24% of employees did their work from home in 2015, which shows a formidable rise of more than 20% since 2003. According to the same source, BLS predicts that more than 106 million Americans will telecommute within 2020.

The great news from these stats is that ConvergeHub CRM offers both Android and iOS app for SMBs. However, if you are still indecisive and sitting on the fence about downloading our CRM app from iTunes or Android stores, here are four solid reasons why you should not wait for anymore.

More Work Completed

Constant and seamless access to customer information means that time away from the office does not necessarily mean you have to be “away from the office.”

Being able to be connected to CRM software from remote locations allow your team to be far more productive than ever before.

In a recent study done by Nuclear Research (an information technology research firm specializing in investigative research) is of the opinion that mobile access to a CRM increases team productivity in SMBs by more than 14.6% with a further 4 in 10 mobile users of mobile CRM reporting improvement in productivity by more than 22%.

So how are teams using ConvergeHub on the go?

Using our app, users can update information and notes in between meetings or on the road, and assign tasks to their colleagues straight from their device. Moreover, if needed, users can also tag their bosses to make them remain in the loop on all events of the day.

Close More Deals

At the end of the day with all businesses, a more productive sales team signifies a healthier sales pipeline.

In a research conducted by Forrester, it has been found that more than 70% sales reps employed with companies those who have invested in CRM technology have successfully accomplished their sales targets, as opposed to just 21% of sales reps working in non-mobile Customer Relationship Management enabled companies.

With tools to respond fast along with customer data always at your fingertips, mobile CRM helps employees close more deals with fewer interactions and less time.

This allows sales reps to spend more time prospecting or find new avenues for exploring untouched sales opportunities.

Find Real-Time Information

In the present times, many companies allow their employees to work on the go or complete tasks while they are away from the office.

This could have meant in the past, that any information about a deal is not updated until the sales reps get back and log his or her activities on the CRM platform.

Mobile CRM prevents this from happening. With the help of cloud technology, any interaction an employee has with the prospect or customer can be now documented immediately in the mobile CRM. Hence, users of mobile CRM do not have to wait for information to be uploaded on site.

For an example, if a sales rep is out of the office, every other rep working in the organization will readily have access to the customer’s updated data as the rep who is out can log these changes while on the go.

Users can also refer to their contact activity feeds in the ConvergeHub app, before heading for a meeting, which helps in refreshing their memory on previous interactions with the customer making them fully prepared for strategizing a rewarding meeting plan.

Faster Data Collection

Before the age of mobile CRM technology, orders taken on the road had either to be called-in or put on hold until the orders could be entered at the office.

Now with the advent of mobile CRM, you can place orders remotely right into the system as soon as the customer agrees to the deal.

This, in turn, helps the production and shipping departments to get immediately started so that the customers can receive their products or services just in time.

Hence, we see as CRM has made its way to mobile, so businesses that hope to grow most must make a move with it.


Therefore, not to ignore important business trends, download the ConvergeHub mobile CRM app before you scale up any more lost opportunities and get your team on the path to success now.

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