Alexa Why You Need An All In One CRM Tool For Work From Home Businesses

Why You Most Essentially Need An All In One CRM Tool For Your Work From Home Businesses

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Maybe you have always been a supporter of remoter working. Or maybe your business has recently made the switch because of social-distancing measures bought by this COVID-19 Pandemic in recent times.
Whatever be it, either way, your business is now in a situation where your teams are split up in different locations and are connected only by the Internet.
Now, most businesses have a question once they go into work-from-home operations: Will remote working affect the team’s productivity and impact their business in a negative way?
Do not worry as one of the most popular vendors all in one CRM in the Salesforce Alternative CRM field, let us ease your mind before showing you the best tools that are needed for your job.

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Can I Run A Successful Business Working From Home?

Now the answer to this question is an easy one as all the signs points towards a resounding yes.

In fact, several studies that have been recently done on remote working highlights how this could actually boost productivity, as it has been illustrated in the survey report presented by FlexJobs Corp., a company which has helped thousands to find the best remote work from their homes:

  • More than 85 percent of businesses say that flexible working improves productivity.
  • More than 77 percent of businesses say that permitting employees to work remote leads to lower operating costs.
  • More than 90 percent of businesses say that a remote and flexible working schedule improves the morale of the employees.
  • More than 65 percent of the respondents in the survey are more productive in the homes than in traditional workplaces.

Hence these statics points out that as employees working from their homes have fewer interruptions and distractions, less commuting and miscellaneous stresses of office politics, and have instead access to a personalized and quiet environment they become more productive while working remotely from their homes rather than from traditional office spaces.

Therefore it is worth noting at this stage that businesses that wish to attract the best talents in the marketplace should absolutely consider remote and flexible working as an option since in the present times 80 percent of candidates in the US job market expressed that they would turn down a job if it did not offer remote working facilities, which makes “work from home” a strong competitive advantage.

The Right Tools For the Job

Of course, remote work is only as good as the people who do it, and the tools that they use. Hence without delving deep into extraneous details, for remote working operations ensure that all your work-from-home employees (and yourself) have access to all the following which include:

  • A fast Internet
  • A good microphone, and webcam for video conferencing
  • Adequate communication software
  • Industry-specific cloud-based software (like an easy to use CRM tool)

In fact, the advantages of using cloud-based all in one CRM software are so many in general, that it is worth examining them further.


Business Continuity With Remote Work

The primary and most obvious benefit is that cloud-based platforms enable remote work. This is because by sharing storage, online tools, and workflows, employees working remotely can easily maintain a good level of productivity from the comfort of their homes via laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices.

Better Peace of Mind

Cloud-computing platforms are designed and created for business continuity and disaster recovery. Hence, while all businesses must have appropriate back-up solutions in case of any data loss, nevertheless this often proves to be an expensive mission for IT departments in establishments of all sizes.

Therefore, with cloud-based technology, like using the best Sales CRM software even small and medium businesses or startups can enjoy a future-proof solution for backup that not only reduces a large expenditure upfront but even save time for the IT teams.

Always Up-to-Date

Traditional in-house IT software solutions also required constant upgrades of hardware and software. Therefore this rip-and-replace approach often proved prohibitively costly, and also overwhelm the IT staff in all businesses every three to five years when systems needed an upgrade.

However, with cloud-based applications like a business CRM tool since their services are hosted entirely by third-party establishments like Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services, and others, third-party companies take care of all the maintenance, bug fixes, and more.

Hence while using a cloud-based app, all you need to do is to click on updates, restart your system, and reap the benefits of the software.

In fact, cloud-based applications make businesses access the very latest business growth technologies available at their fingertips in seconds, irrespective of whether people are doing their jobs from home or from their offices.

Better Integrations

Web-based apps are most often designed to work seamlessly with each other. One great example is the seamless integration between all in one CRM solutions and your Microsoft Office Outlook or QuickBooks Accounting software, which can allow businesses to capture and transfer data directly between these platforms instead of going through a third-party program like Excel.

Save on IT Expenditure

Finally, cloud-based software solutions are the most cost-effective than their traditional setups. We say this because in a recent study done of cloud-based apps across 1300 organizations in the US it was found that 54 percent of these organizations increased their profits through cloud services. Thanks to reduced investments in the purchase of data center, cheaper updates, and fewer expenses for IT equipment or facilities.


If you still need to convince yourself about the power of cloud-based software, do consider the following which can drastically reduce the number of tools that you currently use for your business growth.

This is because according to research it has been found that businesses with fewer than 1000 employees run on an average 22 custom applications and so it is always beneficial to centralize operations using an easy to use CRM within one dashboard.

Here are a number of use cases that you can experience once you use a cloud-based easy to use CRM for your business growth.

Seamless coordination between multiple sales teams

Once you use a cloud-based all in one CRM you can synchronize the lead and prospect data in real-time with all members of your sales teams, which reduces errors, data silos and eliminates annoying duplicates from your system which is a bane to businesses.

Faster marketing campaigns

Using a cloud-based business CRM marketers can create personalized campaigns and also track social-media activities in real-time, which helps them share results with their team members immediately so that the campaigns can be adjusted or tweaked to improve targeting.

Increased customer satisfaction

Since cloud-based CRM solutions let your customer service team always have access to fresh data about the customers, this helps in providing better support and more appropriate answers to the customer-facing issues.

Better cross-department cooperation

Even though marketers often have a notorious hands-off approach towards a CRM tool, since they believe CRM is mostly needed by the sales team, nevertheless sharing one dashboard teams from all departments in any organization can create enhanced workflows, boost communications and even provide critical insights that might have otherwise been locked inside data silos.


Businesses that are yet to implement a remote and flexible working policy may find the prospect daunting since it needs close collaboration between employees and executives.

Nevertheless, in the modern time businesses those who resist work-from-home or remote working can put them at a competitive disadvantage, especially with the onset of this global COVID-19 Pandemic, and so must view this mode of working as a must for attracting top-talents and for this use cloud-based applications like an easy to use CRM tool for enjoying a consistent business growth.

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