Alexa Meet Customer Experience Expectations with Easy To Use CRM

Quickly Meet Customer Experience Expectations with Easy To Use CRM

Customer Service | by Patricia Jones
Easy to use CRM

The executive VP of Comcast who is in charge of CX (Customer Experience) for the brand Charlie Herrin once said:
Customer service is what happens when customer experience breaks.
Well, this is indeed an insightful observation that suggested that if businesses do their job rightly, understand their customer’s intent, get into the minds of their customers, anticipate their customer’s needs and thereafter deliver world-class experience, we may no longer need contact centers across the globe to field communications from disgruntled and confused peoples.
In fact, customer communication cannot be confined to any single channel in this age of digital transformation but rather should be designed to match your modern customer’s wants and needs.
Hence primarily businesses should build a 360-degree view of their customers using easy to use CRM software to engage their customers more effectively.

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As Scott Rice at Sprint sums up the challenges faced by businesses for delivering modern customer experience stats:

It isn’t just a cool website…. Digital needs to be applied across every interaction channel because it affects how you make decisions and use information to solve a problem or to sell.

According to Forrester, in the present times as we have entered the “Age of the Customer” in a global survey done by Oracle it has been found that more the 75% of consumer feel brands provide inefficient customer service, and 25-30 percent of consumers feel that they would remain more loyal to brands that use chat, voice, video and other modern customer engagement technologies to instantly route support tickets to the appropriate people having the information they desire to resolve their issues.

Now, if like most organizations you also know that you need to boost the customer experience of your brand with technologies like adopting easy to use CRM software, but is perplexed to find where to focus; here are five places that can get you started:

  1. Create a One-Stop Mobile Experience

According to Comscore (an American media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises), it has been stated on average consumers spend 70% of their media time on their smartphones.

Therefore, any organization that is looking for delivering better customer experience for its consumers needs to create a mobile app for its brand to boost its engagement with the customers.

Moreover, this mobile app should also make it simple for the customers to directly interact with the brand within the app, so that the branded mobile application can be a one-stop-shop for anything that a consumer needs to resolve their pain-points and issues.

  1. Eliminate the Waiting Game

According to a survey done by Oracle, it has been observed that long waiting time is one of the most predominant factors (approximately 51%) that leads to customer dissatisfaction and consequentially increase in churn.

In this digital age of cutting edge technology and easy to use CRM platforms customers hate to be put on hold or navigate complex IVR
(Interactive Voice Response ) systems for information to solve their issues, whereby they often end-up speaking with the wrong agents.

Now, with bots powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, these types of problems will soon vanish as cloud based CRM software platforms both Salesforce and Salesforce Alternative CRM software solutions are gearing up speedily for including both these technologies to counteract these issues and provide enhanced customer experience to the consumers.

  1. Engage Customers throughout Their Journey

Always expecting the consumers to take the first step to contact a brand and tell them about their needs is a traditional scenario, not liked by several Millennial(s) who are becoming the biggest consumer in the U.S.A.

Since according to the U.S Census Bureau:

Millennial(s) are expected to overtake Boomers in population in 2019 as their numbers swell to 73 million and Boomers decline to 72 million.

Therefore, customers now expect more from businesses and so brands also must now invest in understanding, identifying, and deploying new means for connecting with their consumers and service their customers throughout their customer journeys.

Comcast’s Charlie Herrin notes that the first thing that his company did for the transformation of customer service was to proactively reach out to their consumers throughout their customer journey with updates about anything that is affecting their customer’s experiences.
For example, by incessantly monitoring communications of the customers on social media platforms made Comcast decreased its response time from weeks to 10-15 minutes, while on the other hand expanding it SMS database from zero to 6.5 million users for sending text-based “stay in touch” messages to its customers, and presently disseminates approximately 15 million SMS messages per month with the help of Marketing Automation solution in their easy to use CRM software.

  1. Give Emphasis to Context in Customer Journeys

Always remember, you need proper technology to handle your brand so that your support employees never have to ask security questions when your customer is already dialing to your call center or logging on to your business website or app.

Therefore, it is most important that businesses that are proactively working to provide stellar customer experience to their consumers must use easy to use CRM so that they can remain totally prepared for every call with relevant information about the caller which they can view in front of them at a moment’s notice.

This is because contextual data of the customers stored in the CRM database , like who are they, what they already searched on the website or app, if they are a preferred member, and more, can be easily made ready in all situations using easy to use CRM software for businesses.

  1. Always Be Listening and Learning

In addition to what the customers see, your organization must invest in back end systems that can help to optimize your organization’s ability to capture, analyze, and mine data across all their customer channels integrated with their easy to use CRM.

All media types and interactions with your customers (like screen sharing, video, text, voice, etc.) should be recorded in real-time so that they can be available for insights later, which will ultimately allow the businesses to modify their customer experience scenarios and provide even better customer experience for rapid business growth.


Therefore, irrespective of your business model and industry personalized and proactive interactions with the customers are both mission-critical for understanding the mindset of today’s empowered customers which can be only done by leveraging on technologies like easy to use CRM software solutions which makes businesses remain better prepared to avoid “breaking the experience” and meet their customer’s needs.

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