Alexa How The Right QuickBooks CRM Can Generate More Sales And Revenue

How The Right QuickBooks CRM Can Help Generate More Sales And Revenue

CRM | by Patricia Jones

Typically, sales managers of any small and medium organization find it easy to see the benefits of adopting a CRM system, which becomes more effective if they use the best small and medium business CRM software that offers QuickBooks CRM integration free, and is so most often also accepted as the best CRM software for QuickBooks.

They appreciate that in QuickBooks CRM their sales data is going to be centrally stored and presented in an easy-to-follow format, permitting them to monitor staff performances, sales processes, purchases, billing and invoicing, and as a result, optimize sells.

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But what about the sales reps?

Therefore, more often than not, unlike sales managers, sales reps are not all that “happy-go-lucky” about Customer Relationship Management solution in the beginning.

Primarily, the extra time that the sales rep has to spend on entering data into the CRM software application adds to the irritation of the sales teams since they think that their main job is primarily selling.

However, this article is not about why sales team do not always find the goodness in easy to use CRM software, but rather it is all about how a QuickBooks CRM can improve the performance of the sales reps, and more importantly why they need a CRM for revenue growth.

So why do salespeople need CRM, preferably a QuickBooks CRM software?

Without the fear of oversimplifying the facts, the two greatest challenge that sales reps face in sales are:

  • How to follow up and qualify on leads?
  • How to prioritize sales activities?

And CRM is the only business growth technology and tool that can solve these key problems in sales, and this is how best small business CRM when used in SMB organizations, does it:

  1. Enjoy a safe storage space

Best CRM software platforms aid the sales teams in small businesses and startups to centrally store their sales opportunities, contacts, activities and schedule plans in one central place so that they can find seamless access to their CRM database from multiple locations, and never have to fear that their data will get lost.

For example, once you use a QuickBooks CRM, in your CRM for SMB you can also view the purchase history of the customers, create invoices for your prospects and leads without leaving your easy to use CRM platform, and store them in the CRM database for future use.

  1. Plan and manage time just like a ‘Pro’

Best CRM software for QuickBooks helps salespeople to optimize their day-to-day schedules and prioritize their tasks to make them remain assured that none of their prospects and customers are ignored and they are instead contacted on time. Though it may sound like an oxymoron easy to use CRM software, as a matter of fact, allows sales reps to spend more time with their customers, which results in closing more deals and creating stronger relationships.

  1. No brainer activity reports

The best CRM software for SMB organizations also helps the sales reps to quickly and easily create their weekly, quarterly, or monthly reports for the management and higher-ups in their organization. The process of creating these reports is transparent and automated with business growth technology applications like CRM as it takes just a few minutes to inform other members of the team and the mangers about which sales have been won and those that are currently in progress.

  1. Stay up-to-date on what is happening

Easy to use CRM offers document templates, shared calendars and email integrations, which helps to unite all team members in sales, marketing, accounts, and support and keep everyone up-to-date. Sharing selling patterns, and selling processes, and purchases made by the customers (if you are using a QuickBooks CRM) allows sales teams to see what works best.

This is because once you integrate easy to use best sales CRM software with Intuit QuickBooks, there can be a seamless exchange of all data between these two software application platforms.
This way, you can continue using your accounting software, at the same time see customer details, payment, invoice information directly on your easy to use CRM dashboard, and thereafter use this data from QuickBooks CRM for follow-ups, customer support, and business process automation to remind your prospects and customers of their needs.

Moreover, as there are several information that overlaps between sales, accounting, and customer service as the prospect moves through the sales pipeline from being just a lead to a paying customer if different teams use different software in the organization to store their data, it will undoubtedly result in double data entry causing waste of money, time and efforts.

Hence using a QuickBooks CRM for sales not only helps in eliminating double entry but also as when the customer data in the CRM database is updated it also changes in the financial application and vice versa.


Therefore, the best small and medium business CRM software for sales teams when integrated with QuickBooks correctly it will certainly help salespeople to excel in four areas that are critical to them, which include:

  • Reach sales targets faster
  • Better search, segregate and qualify leads
  • Prioritize follow up activities as per the urgency
  • Follow up on leads and customers systematically and on time

However, to achieve all these, sales reps have to unanimously understand that updating their CRM database is central to their success, which is only possible through absolute understanding and determination from the sales rep’s side.

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