Alexa How to Share and Collaborate files within or outside the company

Share and Collaborate files within or outside the company

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Share and Collaborate files within or outside the company for many reasons. Whatever might be the reason, if we need it then getting the safest environment with reliable infrastracture and people operating and handing it is very essential. Do you get it from your CRM Services Provider?

‘’I am working with a hot prospect who is keen to purchase our product/service – can you email me all the RELATED documents asap?’’

Sounds familiar?

Well, this is what your sales reps keep mailing to the marketing team time and again. Now imagine what if your marketing reps miss the mail or reply to the mail late? You might run the risk of losing out a hot prospect just because your sales rep is not prepared to deal with the prospect.

Do you want the same to happen to you in reality? Certainly NOT.

So what do you do? Invest in standalone document management software applications like Dropbox or Box?

Although this is what many companies are doing, but this does not solve the problem totally. For instance, these standalone document management software applications are not connected to your CRM system. This results into two major disadvantages:

  • You can’t ensure that everyone in your team is using the updated version of the documents
  • You can’t control who has access to what according to their role and access permissions.

Now, imagine what if you could integrate document management software application to your CRM system?

Or better, your CRM system could offer document management software facility? Instead of searching existing documents in computers, mailbox and other places, your salespeople could spend their valuable time on developing a strong sales pipeline.

Amazing isn’t it?

Well, this is precisely what ConvergeHub has got for you!!!

ConvergeHub Library – which makes it easy to store and manage customers/prospects collateral, materials, proposals and more, right within the CRM repository.

1. Folders

You can create folders under which you can upload multiple files. Clicking on any folder will redirect you to its dedicated page.

Here you can find all the crucial information of the folder such as number of files, history, properties and sharable link.

You can perform multiple actions:

  • Upload new sub folders to the main folder
  • View the history of the folder such as the users who have shared the folder or downloaded it
  • View details of the folder such as name, description, owner, size and creation date
  • Mass delete, download or move and copy files.
  • Sort the order of the files on the basis of name or date.

2. File Sharing

You can do file sharing within and outside your organization in a secure manner via the ConvergeHub library. Simply:

  • Create a link for the folder/file
  • Shorten the link of the folder/file
  • Set the password for accessing the link
  • Set the expiration date after which the link will fail to open
  • Set the usage limit of the folder/file by turning the download option on/off
  • Choose the recipient name
  • Write a brief message about the folder/file.

3. File Collaboration

You have a broad document portfolio spanning different departments. It’d be a nightmare to collaborate the documents with others without setting access levels. ConvergeHub Library allows you to set permissions during the time of collaboration itself.

So when you collaborate a file, you get to set the access level from six different options:

  • Co-owner
  • Editor
  • Viewer Uploader
  • Previewer Uploader
  • Viewer
  • Previewer
  • Uploader

Each access type has certain liberty and restrictions. For instance, if you choose editor, then the invitee can upload, download, preview, edit, delete and get link of the folder.

You are required to set the access type depending how you want the invitee to view or use the folder.

You can easily update the access control permissions. Additionally, you can set the expiry date of folder collaboration.

4. Email documents to prospects

When you send an email to a prospect/customer, you can easily search and attach the required files from the ConvergeHub library. If required, you can upload new files from the computer, add them in the library and instantly attach them in the mail – all at one go.

5. More Storage Space

Well, we have good news for all our existing Lite, Professional and Enterprise Edition users. Taking into consideration your massive document storage needs, we provide:

  • 100 MB storage space for Lite Edition users
  • 2 GB storage space for Professional Edition users
  • 4 GB storage space for Premium users

Note: all these storage space will be available per user. For example – if your company has subscribed to 20-user license for Professional Edition, it’ll mean 40 GB storage space for all users.

We hope that these storage options help you streamline and organize your company collateral.


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