convergehub product collaboration

Improve your Business with Collaboration

Use ConvergeHub to collaborate with customers, partners and employees on lead generation, sales opportunities, service cases and marketing campaigns. Simplify workflows, capture new ideas and share winning practices with ConvergeHub online collaboration tools – Library, Partner and Referral.


Store and manage important files, collaterals, brochures, presentations and case studies for every lead, account, contact, deal and customer service case under one seamless secure platform - ConvergeHub document management module. Create folders, sub-folders and maintain complete control over the sharing settings. Also provide viewing, editing, and collaboration rights to employees based on the organizational hierarchy.

Upload new versions to the documents. View and download files directly from the library. Do file share across the organization or externally with customers and partners. Get notified when a new version to any file is uploaded. Use tags to make files/folders more searchable in the knowledge database.

Calendar in ConvergeHub


Get rid of the boring and mundane way of noting all the events in a notepad. Use ConvergeHub calendar for planning and scheduling sales and marketing events. Set calendar view preferences by day, week, month and year. Schedule recurring events; view calendars of other users and get reminders about upcoming meetings/events.

Sync Google Calendar with ConvergeHub calendar. Simply download Google Calendar app from ConvergeHub Apps Store and integrate it into ConvergeHub user account. Further, import external calendar into ConvergeHub or export ConvergeHub calendar to a third party source as per the requirement.


Establish direct communication and collaboration with channel partners through ConvergeHub. Enable your employees to share important documents/collaterals with channel partners to better collaborate on deals. Irrespective of whether your partners use ConvergeHub or not, refer leads and contacts to them for increased channel partner sales and improved partner relationships.

Notifications in ConvergeHub


Maintain a smooth round-the-clock communication channel within the organization through ConvergeHub notifications system. Send notifications to one or multiple business associates regarding - client update, meeting rescheduled date or reminder of an upcoming activity.

Know instantly about all new notifications from a quick glance at ConvergeHub dashboard. Use the starred option to mark certain notifications as important. Use the archive to move notifications from your inbox into a separate archived messages section.

Grow your business with ConvergeHub

Manage your leads, follow up sales activities, resolve customer complaints, automate workflow process, build and run campaigns, store and share documents, communicate and collaborate with partners, list products, generate quotes and invoices, integrate Outlook and other applications – do all this and much more from one broad platform – ConvergeHub

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