Alexa Signs That Your Business Has Outgrown QuickBooks Customer Manager

Signs That Your Business Has Outgrown QuickBooks Customer Manager in 2018

CRM | by Patricia Jones

In life and in business, it is hard to leave old habits and walk away from what we already know, since it is always easy to tread the same path. Nevertheless, although holding on to routine practices may be comfortable and familiar, but is it always the best way to go?

More so, when it comes to new customer management software, it can be specifically difficult to cut off ties with traditional software solutions those that no longer serve your business needs.

Now, if you are presently using QuickBooks Customer Manager, you must be aware of what we mean.

Indeed, QuickBooks Customer Manager was a great platform when it was primarily launched since it allowed the users to integrate QuickBooks Desktop customer data so that you never miss a sales opportunity.

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However, while QuickBooks Customer Manager has a loyal user base, the platform has not been updated over the years, and Intuit has even discontinued support for this platform.
Therefore, even though it may a comfortable and familiar, Intuit’s customer management software, may not help your business to grow.

Here are 5 reasons as to why it may be the time to move on:

  1. You need a more effective way to manage your contacts

Let us just accept the fact that QuickBooks Customer Manager is a pain in the neck. While the best small business CRM should make it easier to manage information on leads, prospects, customers, and sales, Customer Manager, needs a lot of manual work to keep customer data clean.
Per say, even for accomplishing a small action as simple as updating a company address you need to update the individual contacts for each person in the company’s list.

Your CRM should make your life easier. Therefore, using a CRM software like ConvergeHub which offers QuickBooks CRM integration free is an ideal choice under this circumstance, if you are spending hours updating and cleaning up data, and you think it is time to move on.

  1. Your team needs to access customer data on the go in their mobile

Technology in the present times is constantly growing at a rapid pace. However, as Intuit has not updated Customer Manager, it is still stuck in time as a ‘desktop-only’ software. Although, still this software serves its purpose if you need customer information while in office, nevertheless, this is 2018 and you need cloud-based and mobile software solutions for your business’ needs.

In fact, in a research conducted by Innoppl Technologies, it claimed that 65% sales representatives who have started using mobile CRM have achieved their sales targets, while merely 22% of sales reps using non-mobile CRM platforms have reached their quotas in the same span of time.

Remember, your customers rely on you to be flexible for their needs, and therefore you need an easy to use CRM platform that does the same for you like ConvergeHub, which is considered by many as the best QuickBooks CRM for sales teams.

Since, being tied to a desktop application is the farthest thing from flexibility, which can hold your business back in these modern times.

  1. You have reached maximum user access

QuickBooks Customer Manager does precisely what it meant by ‘being held-up’ to your sales teams. By limiting your business endeavors to an upper limit of just four users, your team will without any doubts end up sharing accounts, leading to duplicate contacts and bad data.

Moreover, even if your current sales team is lesser than four sales reps, it is always best to think bigger and make your plans for a better tomorrow. Besides, it is more convenient to switch when your team is small, rather than re-train your sales reps once you have outgrown Customer Manager customer management platform.

Therefore, if you plan to expand the size of your sales team, you need a QuickBooks CRM solution like ConvergeHub that not only grows with your business but also makes your business grow as one of the best CRM for QuickBooks online.

  1. You are trapped in a software platform older than Windows 2000

Let us think back to the year 2000, when Gladiator and Cast Away were topping the box office, and Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP and NYSYNC’s No Strings Attached was the top selling albums on the list.

There can be no excuse in 2018, to still rely on a software that only supports Windows 2000 since if someone tries to sell you a car, phone, or a computer from 2000, would you not laugh them out of the room.

Therefore, adhering to the same logic, should you not be using easy to use CRM software that is compatible with your phone, computer, and tablet.

Using ConvergeHub CRM, which is one of the most popular QuickBooks CRM, helps your sales team to have a full access to your customer and sales info, since using QuickBooks for accounting, and at the same time viewing the customer details, products, invoice and payment information directly in your CRM helps in follow-ups, reminders, customer service and business process automation.

  1. You need a software solution that will support you

Even the best pilot all across the world needs a copilot. However, if you are in the cockpit with Customer Manage, you will not get any technical help, since the software is presently discontinued.

As your small business grows in size, you will undoubtedly need to customize your easy to use CRM platform to suit the ever-expanding requirements of your team, and with that comes the need for support.

Therefore, for better lead management, access to cleaner QuickBooks software, zero double entry errors, data security, automated sales processes, enhanced sales efficiency, empowered customer service, robust marketing automation, and unparallel customer support you need a QuickBooks CRM software like ConvergeHub, which provides you customer engagement that businesses strive for in the present times.


ConvergeHub CRM is rated as the #1 QuickBooks CRM software, which allows you to sync all your data in real-time with QuickBooks Online and relieves the stress of managing customers and leads with an easy to use, and comprehensive user interface.

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