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Why Small Businesses Need Cloud Based Business Growth Technology And Tools

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In the modern times, you just cannot debate the necessity of easy to use CRM tools for both small, medium-sized, and enterprise-level businesses. This is because Customer Relationship Management software platforms have outgrown to be a robust platform for sustaining optimal customer relationships.
Therefore, most businesses have invested in world-class business growth technology platforms to enhance and maintain the efficiency of their CRM systems.

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In recent times, one of the major emerging trends in easy to use CRM solutions is the use of cloud based CRM software platforms.
While there are a lot of debates going around as to whether an organization that has already used on-premise CRM software, should use cloud based CRM platforms, here are some of the key reasons as to why cloud based CRM is so very popular among small and medium-sized business owners across the globe.

  1. Easy accessibility

Accessibility is the key to successful customer relationship management. This is because in the modern time sales reps need to access the CRM software wherever and whenever they want. Hence, a platform that allows sales reps to log-in and works from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection, proves to be helpful in critical situations where salespersons must have to make last minute calls to a customer. Hence, cloud based CRM software platforms allow your sales teams to close deals from remote areas and also generate new leads on the go.

  1. Scalability

Cloud based CRM software systems are also extremely flexible while considering the scalability factor of the tool. This is because when you buy CRM that are hosted in the cloud it allow companies to adjust their scope of operation, by either scaling up or down depending on the growth or fall in their businesses. While using a cloud based CRM software organizations can call up the CRM vendor, who can make the adjustments instantly to accommodate any growth or downfall in the data input capacity for the company.

  1. Flexible integrations

Another pertinent reason for small and medium businesses to buy CRM software tools that are cloud based is its ability to accommodate flexible integrations.

For most businesses using cloud based CRM to store their vital customer related information and initiatives, can integrate financial and accounting software, like QuickBooks CRM software, or emails and many other similar business growth technology and tools, that helps in establishing a seamless flow of data in both the applications needed for the growth of the organization.

  1. Allow Collaborations

Cloud based CRM software systems allow its multiple users to work inside one integrated platform without any type of interferences. For example, it permits each member of your sales, marketing, support, and accounts teams to have their own login, whereby it allows the possibility to log on multiple accounts at the same time. This feature of an easy to use cloud based system also offers enhanced security, since it prevents someone unauthorized from stealing any data from the CRM database .

  1. Centralization of information

Gathering information on the prospects, leads, and customers is often an uphill task for both small and medium-sized businesses, which can even be frustrating and time-consuming at times. With a cloud based CRM system, it is easily possible to collect all the customer information from one central location and also, share the information with different members in an organization.

  1. Increase productivity

Since with a cloud based CRM solution your team can work without being tied to an office desk, hence once you buy CRM that are cloud based it helps to increase the rate of productivity in your workplace. Additionally, cloud based CRM software not only allows your teams to track their customers and prospects from anywhere, but it also helps in collecting real-time data and initiating meaningful conversations that increase customer engagements to increase productivity across the board.

  1. Enhanced security

More so, after the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) norms, system security has become one of the most critical factors of any business. As cyber-attacks can always happen on the local systems used by on-premise CRM systems, the level of security offered once you buy CRM platforms that are cloud based are cheaper and more efficient, which reduces some major investments needed for implementing onsite security of the network running in the office.

  1. Hassle-free and quick deployment

In this age of advanced digitalization, it takes only a few minutes to lose a customer. As time is the essence of customer relationship in modern times therefore, sales reps need a business growth technology solution that can allow them to interact with their customers from anywhere, before they change their minds. Cloud based CRM software allows faster execution and deployment of commands regardless of the user’s location, which reduces unnecessary pressure on the IT teams.
In other words, cloud based easy to use CRM systems allows businesses to reduce their time-lag considerable while increasing their rate of quality services which boosts sales and customer experience.

  1. Data backup

Data backup is just another most critical function that usually consumes a lot of resources for most businesses. Given that a CRM database collects and stores a lot of confidential and important information about their leads, prospects, and customers, cloud based CRM allows companies to back up their data and retrieve it easily in case of any unforeseen breach of data, or system breakdowns.

  1. Easy installation

Last but not the least, most easy to use cloud based CRM software solutions can be installed in a matter of hours, which helps in not impeding the day-to-day workflow of small and medium-sized businesses, whereas on-premise CRM software needs few weeks and at times even months for proper adoption and deployment.


Given these following advantages, small businesses should not ignore the impact of a cloud based business growth technology like a cloud based CRM systems, be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM mostly used by startups and small businesses since it is time that companies must overcome the use of outdated legacy customer relationship management technologies and explore effective and financially viable ways to improve their customer relationships.

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