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Sync QuickBooks with ConvergeHub

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Sync Quick Book with ConvergeHub

Read QuickBooks CRM Integration – The Definitive Guide to know why you should sync QuickBooks data with your CRM.

Sync QuickBooks with ConvergeHub. It is a select CRM software to offer integration with most of the leading third-party applications, and our customers love us for this! But, we have always felt there is something missing. So we have addressed that missing bit, with…

yes, you guessed it right – QuickBooks.

You can now integrate both your QuickBooks Online and Offline accounts with ConvergeHub!

QuickBooks CRM integration

As a QuickBooks user, managing your data is a lot more easier now. And how is that? You can work on a single version of the data in both ConvergeHub and QuickBooks. No more duplicate entries! And what if there is a conflict in data between ConvergeHub Vs QuickBooks? No problem, we have solution for this too! The system which has the last updated data takes precedence.

How does the syncing work?

All you have to do is: Go to ConvergeHub Apps Store; Read details about QuickBooks App; Click on Get App; and Link your QuickBooks account. Bam! You’re done! Customers, Contacts, Products and Invoices get synchronized between both the platforms. And going forward – any data you enter in either QuickBooks or ConvergeHub gets automatically synced up in the other system. That means – More convenience to you!

Think of it this way: There’s a business contact of yours with whom you have closed the deal. You quickly create the invoice from within QuickBooks and mail it to to the contact. The synchronization of this event between your QuickBooks and ConvergeHub is taken care of in the background. When you check ConvergeHub, you find the invoice in the sub-panel of the contact details page.

Benefits of QuickBooks CRM integration

Using the combination of ConvergeHub and QuickBooks, you get empowered to perform multiple crucial functions. Some of the highlights include:

  • Get every detail about QuickBooks Customers from within ConvergeHub
  • See and share customers’ invoice histories from within ConvergeHub
  • Provide prompt replies to customer queries in regards to invoices and products from within ConvergeHub
  • Create and send invoices from either QuickBooks or ConvergeHub and get the other system automatically synced up.
  • Maintain up-to-date and consistent customer information across both the systems to reduce errors, increase productivity and provide better outcomes.

QuickBooks CRM integration features are available to all QuickBooks Users using the ConvergeHub Premium Package. So go ahead with QuickBooks CRM integration and experience a better way of running your business.

And don’t forget to share feedback about your experience below or via: Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin.

PS: New to ConvergeHub? Take a test drive of the CRM software and then proceed to Premium package with QuickBooks integration. We’ll love to welcome you into our family. 🙂

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