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ConvergeHub + QuickBooks (Online)

Posted by Patricia Jones

Today entrepreneurs are required to wear many hats while managing the different competing priorities. Consequent of which, the presence of an integrated Business Management Application comes across as an essential rather than an optional tool. While there are multiple business applications doing the rounds of the market, we have our eyes set on the New-Age Cloud CRM.

Wonder why? Read below:

The new-age cloud CRMs have bypassed the traditional boundary and expanded their horizon to accommodate sales, marketing and collaboration along with customer service.

They have added a host of third-party applications within their workflow to perform the role of an integrated Business Management Application and provide optimum convenience to the users.

The best example to corroborate this fact is the integration of QuickBooks within CRM application!

ConvergeHub online CRM (Semi-Finalist at 2014 CRM Idol Awards and Community Choice Honoree in the 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards) has integrated QuickBooks Offline three months back, followed now by QuickBooks Online.

What are the benefits?

Tremendous save of time and effort! Learn how:

ConvergeHub offers a seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, thereby allowing users to access QuickBooks data from within ConvergeHub itself.

Post the integration, all the information about customers, products, invoices and payments can be accessed within the CRM, without the need to switch to QuickBooks Online in a new tab. This makes it easy to streamline and accelerate the entire workflow and automate a chunk of activities.

Being at ConvergeHub, users can:

  • Get notified about invoice status, payment information and invoice balances
  • Provide prompt replies to customer queries in regards to invoices, payment histories and products
  • Check invoice histories of customers to identify up-sell opportunities
  • Enter contact information and invoice details in ConvergeHub with automatic update in QuickBooks Online. This ensures that users get to work within the application of their choice. ConvergeHub or QuickBooks – information about customers, products, invoices and payments remain same, consistent and updated in both the systems.

And most importantly, unlike other app integrations that involve hours of technical work, QuickBooks Online integration within ConvergeHub happens in minutes.

Sounds unbelievable? Read below:

Steps to integrate QuickBooks Online within ConvergeHub

1. Go to ConvergeHub Apps Store

ConvergeHub has a comprehensive App Store that allows users to shop for some of the most renowned third-party apps, namely – Microsoft Outlook, DocuSign, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, GoToMeeting, Twilio, QuickBooks, and so on.

2. Read details about QuickBooks Online Application

The details section provides a summarized description of the functionalities that QuickBooks Online app will provide within ConvergeHub.

3. Click on Get App

Clicking on Get App let the users download the plugin and initiate the application integration procedure. Users are just required to provide the login credentials to link their QuickBooks Online account and start accessing the records within ConvergeHub.

Amazing isn’t it? Well, QuickBooks is just one of the app integrations that ConvergeHub provides. There are many more add-ons and features available in ConvergeHub.

So why wait, sign up for ConvergeHub and take a test drive of the application, or reach out to us and we will give you a more detailed insight into our application.

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