Alexa Tips To Close More Sales This Holiday Season For Business Growth

Tactics To Close More Sales This Holiday Season For Business Growth

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The winter has set in and so like every year this holiday season also brings with it an added excitement and rush to go shopping.
This is because people look forward eagerly during this time of the year for special discounts and the items on sale that are always up for grabs.
Hence retail and online business owners surely can expect a surge in customer walk-ins and their website traffic during such a period and therefore find the best ways to make the most out of this holiday shopping frenzy by doing something out of the ordinary in order to boost the flow of their prospects and customers.
Therefore here are some of the most effective and all-time popular sales closing techniques that you can try out this holiday season for your brand’s prosperity and business growth:

Announce Giveaways

To produce a buzz around your offering(s) it is a good idea to create a giveaway. Offering free accessories to the customers who shop for a certain specified amount is sure to draw more people and make them interested in buying your products and services.
We say this because attractive offers and combos will always remain a hit with customers who go out to shop during this part of the year.
According to surveys it has been found that clothing, electronic gadgets, footwear, chocolate, and cookies are some of the most purchased items in this season.
Therefore, offering giveaways to high-spending customers will definitely boost spending among loyal consumers of your brand.

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Email Blasts

Changing or moving your existing sales process online might not be possible within a short span of time. Nevertheless, marketing your offerings online can always reap benefits beyond measures if it is done in the right way using easy to use CRM by automating your email blast and targeting your existing customers and new prospects and leads in the CRM database with enticing offers to increase their interest.

Additionally, as a part of your sales cadence , you can even send out festive greetings to all your new and regular customers which is also a good way to remind them and keep your brand on the top of their minds.

It is a known fact that customers love brands that add a personal touch and are more likely to shop from your brand once you buy CRM and send tailored and customized emails to the consumers of your offerings.

Suggesting gifting ideas for Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020 is a surefire way to get people to look for things to buy for their family and loved ones from your brand and company.

Issue Promo Codes

Customers irrespective of age, sex or demography love a discount and so why not give them that especially during this time of the year when they are all up on their shopping spree.

Therefore, circulating special promo codes for the holiday season via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others will help your consumers know about your special holiday season sale that you have on your offerings.
This is because curious responders will all be delighted to use discount codes on their purchases which will in return help in your business growth.


Driving and closing sales is surely a challenging task for all salespersons throughout the year and it is more so during the holiday seasons.

Hence why not implement a smarter approach to sell more?

Even though cross-selling is still an underrated selling strategy and most businesses fail to focus on this concept, nevertheless, just by doing some homework and learning by using your business growth technology and tools what your existing customers had bought, it can be really worthwhile to suggest them items of relevance this holiday season that might be of their interest.

For example, consumers of your brand who have bought an iron can be suggested to buy ironing board or an iron cleaning product or clothes and accessories can go hand in hand, so that it increases your holiday sale revenue from your existing customers listed in your easy to use CRM software’s database.

Free Shipping and Fast Delivery

While shopping online it is a known fact that most consumers loathe paying money for shipping. Therefore just offering free shipping to your online customers is likely to boost your holiday season’s sale.

Moreover, if your business adds to that the premium of super-fast delivery you can be sure that there is going to be a deluge of customers flooding your website.

This is because there can be nothing more attractive to the consumers than to be assured that their orders will arrive in double quick time and will also carry no surcharge for this alacritous service.


Finally, to sell more this holiday season we once again reiterate to buy CRM and use analytics-driven data to get sufficient insights as to how this holiday season 2019 will play out for your business.
Employ SFA ( Sales Force Automation ) in your CRM to boost sales during these busy periods of the year, since in this digital era where everyone is moving fast, the onus is on you to keep up with the pace to secure high sales volume during this holiday season and start 2020 with a sense of assured prosperity and new hopes for your company.

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