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How to Transform from Good to Great Customer Support Progressively

Customer Service | by Patricia Jones

In the modern scenario, customer experience and customer satisfaction have become the most important factor for any organization, brand or an enterprise.
Companies today strive hard to make their Customer Experience (CX) as smooth as possible using easy to use CRM software to help them in the process, a recognition that is the product of globalization and consumer awareness.

Hence, the Voice of the Customer (VOC) is more vocal now than ever as they are dictating the policies of most companies be it big or small across the globe.
Many companies nowadays even take up social stances to support overwhelming public opinions on several issues.

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Therefore, in such a consumer conscious marketplace, it is important and most necessary to understand the process and strategies you need to handle your customers while providing solutions to their issues.

Here are some of the ways you can provide world-class customer support to your customers:

  1. Chat Integration

Chat integration with your easy to use CRM software platform helps to store previous customer interactions in the CRM database so that the information lets your support team instantly access relevant customer data while resolving customer-facing issues.
Moreover integrating chat application with CRM software helps support agents to recognize the customers and thereby be more productive while providing solutions to their problems.
Additionally, as the chat application automatically greets the customer while a support agent is assigned to provide human-touch, it keeps the customer engaged until they are attended.

  1. Self-Service

CSS or Customer Self Service is an important feature that exists in most easy to use CRM software platforms be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM.

CSS is a functionality that allows your customers to perform standard actions like creating an account or a payment method without the presence of a customer support executive.

Hence, CSS is a feature that not only saves a lot of time for the support agents but the data that is entered also gets updated in the CRM database instantaneously.

  1. Interactive Voice Response

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an extremely effective and convenient means for routing the call to specific departments in your organization.

Using IVR the customer calls the company and thereafter chooses from a series of options from the prerecorded voice prompts in the system.

IVR provides customers with the options which are categorized into sections so that they can find the appropriate department or agent with the necessary knowledge to solve their issues.

Therefore, IVR as support functionality accelerates the process of customers getting solutions for their questions and issues.

  1. Service Level Agreements

SLA or Service Level Agreement allows support and service reps to track their time spent to solve an issue.

The SLA factor is set up in such way that any unattended or unresolved support ticket gets automatically escalated, and are passed on to higher level support representatives who are well-equipped to handle the situation and solve the issues.

This is because; in SLA the support tickets keeps repeating unless the ticket gets resolved effectually.

Therefore, using SLA for resolving customer complains promotes a sense of responsibility and accountability within the support teams.

This way by assuring the customers that every question or support tickets are attended to, improves customer satisfaction for your brand drastically.

  1. Social Media Integration

With leads being tracked from all social media websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, easy to use CRM platforms allows the users of the software to segregate leads generated from these websites and thereafter organize them based on priority so that support agents are capable of providing solutions at the earliest.


Nowadays, customers recognize the ease of doing business with a company and if they are satisfied with their services remain grateful for it.

Therefore embedding these features in your easy to use CRM software will not only improve customer relations speedily but also your enable sales and support teams to work seamlessly with each other to provide world-class customer experience and thereby find business growth rapidly.

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