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How CRM Improves Customer Service

Customer Service | by Patricia Jones
Turn your customer service from good to great

How CRM Improves Customer Service a detail study with ConvergeHub. Owner of a business, you are concerned about handling your customers. So what do you do?

You employ professionals who work as your customer support agents. Your team is all day busy interacting with your customers and solving their problems. Your customer service is going fine, till the time a customer called John comes to you.

John has complained to you earlier regarding one of your products. Now he is facing difficulty again. So he calls up the same agent, only to find that the agent does not remember him and cannot recall the problem that John has had earlier!!

John gets irritated because he has to explain the problem again. And while he is doing this, (somewhere in his mind he has already vowed not to purchase your products anymore).

Customer attrition has happened to your business!!!

Why is it alarming?

Business Insights has conducted a survey on Customer Attrition. The results show that yearly 21% businesses fall by the wayside due to heavy customer attrition. So, irrespective of whether the business is old or new – it cannot afford to lose hard-won customers.

That is why many business owners are using ConvergeHub Cases Module to get their customer service flowing smoothly.

Why? Because:

ConvergeHub does not make customer service better. It makes it BEST!!!

Hearing the frustrations of customers and its own users, ConvergeHub has introduced a whole new set of innovative features.

Using ConvergeHub customer support software, you can:

1. Get Cases created Automatically

Unlike others that require you to create the case in the software manually, ConvergeHub customer service software automatically forms cases for you. All you need to do is specify the email address within ConvergeHub, following which all customer service requests will get automatically forwarded to that mail and simultaneously will be generated as Support Tickets within CRM application ConvergeHub.

2. Get Cases assigned Automatically

It might happen that a case is lying untouched within your customer support software because it has still not been assigned to someone within your team. To avert such problems of delayed customer service, ConvergeHub has automated the whole process of assigning tickets to agents.

You just need to select whom you want to assign all the support tickets. Once done, all the support cases generated will get automatically assigned to the selected agent(s); and your team will be able to provide fast & prompt customer service.

3. Provide instant Notifications

To make your customer service fast like a jet – ConvergeHub has an exclusive feature of Notifications. Due to which, you can program ConvergeHub to automatically:

  • Notify Customers when cases are generated
  • Notify Support Agents about newly assigned tickets
  • Notify Customers when Support Agents respond to the tickets
  • Notify Support Agents when Customers comment on the tickets
  • Notify Customers when Cases are closed.

ConvergeHub allows Support Agents to either log into ConvergeHub to respond to the ticket or reply directly from the notification mail itself.

4. Customize Notification Messages

There are pre-defined message templates stored within ConvergeHub. You have the option to choose from them or create your own customized verbiage and add it in the Cases section.

5. Customize Case Number

We understand how taxing it can be to track cases based on their numbers. That is why, ConvergeHub empowers you to frame case numbers as per your convenience. Following which, all the cases will be generated succeeding your chosen number.

Example: If you set a Case Number as #0006, cases generated afterwards will be numbered as #0007 #0008 #0009 etc.

6. Set Case Category and Priority

To ensure that all your cases are categorized and prioritized correctly, ConvergeHub allows you to decide the default case category and priority. Once done, the tickets generated fall under the category and priority of your choice.

7. Get Streamlined Conversations

ConvergeHub acts as one centralized repository for all your customer support communications. That means whenever required you can check ConvergeHub to view the conversations happened between your agents and customers. For each customer, ConvergeHub records and lists all the conversations as threads. You just need to click on a particular case to see the case details and the conversations taken place in relation to it.

8. Get Case Landing Page for Customers

Just like ConvergeHub helps you get a 360-degree view of all the conversations happened in relation to a case. Similarly, it also enables you to provide the same benefit to your customers as well. While dealing with you, your customers get a separate case landing page where they can see the ticket details and the conversations happened till now.


With all these features put together, undoubtedly ConvergeHub functions as your all-in-one weapon to deliver a STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

So now that you have gotten a taste of the numerous benefits of using ConvergeHub, what are you waiting for?

Get up now and quickly give ConvergeHub a test spin and see your business deliver a roaring customer service.

And in the midst of all this, do not forget to give us your feedback on what you think of ConvergeHub Cases module?

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