Alexa Benefits of Easy to Use CRM That Will Accelerate Your Sales Growth

Unique Benefits of Easy to Use CRM That Will Accelerate Your Sales Growth

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Easy to Use CRM

Are you aware that according to Fortunly, just 78.5% of startup businesses survive the first year?
And that implies a significant 21.5% of businesses fail in the first year itself.
Now among many other reasons for failures in businesses, we also know as one of the leading easy to use CRM vendors for SMBs that 14% of startups and small business organizations fail since they pay no attention to their customer’s needs, which shows that companies shun their customers at their own peril.

Therefore, once you start a business, just understanding what you are selling to your consumers in the marketplace is just not enough. Rather in the present times, companies most essentially need to know who they are selling their offerings. For which getting acquainted with the customers, understanding their requirements, and more importantly building world-class long-term relationships with them is essential to continue success for business growth.

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This is exactly where business growth technology solutions like easy to use CRM software steps in.

However, it is unfortunate that according to a report published by Stellaxius, still today 50% of companies with 10 or fewer employees do not use CRM for their businesses.

Therefore, if your startup or small business is yet to buy CRM , the time to do so is now.

So, here are the five most unique benefits of using an easy to use CRM software solution you should look at for accelerating your business growth.

Benefit #1

CRM Helps Make Employee Transition Smooth

Just imagine a situation: Your star sales represented is leaving your company, and you have to distribute his/her accounts to the rest of your teams until you are able to find a replacement.

Now, without a CRM in hand, all the interactions and accounts that the rep had may be scattered across several spreadsheets, sticky notes, and emails, which will make it difficult and tiresome to find a complete view of these accounts and their progress.

But with an easy to use CRM in place, you can easily and quickly conduct a sales pipeline audit, which will allow you to find a complete understanding of the accounts and comprehend deal stages and their progress, and thereby even if your star sales rep leaves can enable the rest of your sales teams to engage in contextual conversation with his/her prospects and customers.

An easy to use CRM enables your business to:

• Go through your sales rep’s accounts and clearly perceive how many deals they have in their sales pipeline and understand which stages they are in.

• Strategize your next course of action as when you review the attributes in the pipeline you can identify new ways and possibilities to take the deals forward and also find how the new reps you hire will take over.

Benefit #2

CRM Helps To Boost Collaboration

Any CRM software be it Salesforce used by enterprise-level organizations or Salesforce Alternative CRM tools used by SMBs, at its core is a platform that enables people in sales to collaborate not only within themselves but even with other different teams like marketing, support, production, partners, and accounts across the organization.

In other words, easy to use CRM solutions allows sales reps to access and share essential documents collected and stored within the system.
In fact, some of the best known CRM platforms in the marketplace come with in-built communication tools that permit salespeople to not only communicate with each other without leaving the CRM but also share interactions they collect from interactions with their customers.

This functionality found in a CRM is essential as when leads get passed on from sales development representatives to the account executives in business, the account executives need context to get engaged with the leads, which can be easily done using an easy to use CRM whereby the account executives get access to past emails, conversations, char notes and more.

Benefit #3

Automations Boost The Productivity Of Reps

Repetitious tasks like updating and adding contact information, sending the same email to several recipients, setting up monotonous follow-up tasks and others can be simply automated using Sales Force Automationm (SFA) that is integrated with most easy to use CRM tools, which aids in freeing time for the sales reps to take care of more important tasks like interacting and communicating with prospects, and more.

Modern CRM software solutions can not only help capture prospects and customer data but it can also populate a lead with useful information such as job title, industry and company and even automatically log calls which can save reps the time required to log every call to the respective prospects.

Additionally easy to use CRM can even contact leads within minutes of their sign-up that can increase the likelihood of them answering the call by automatically assigning prospects to the right sales reps available in the team.

Finally, using CRM sales reps can allow the software to automatically create appointments and thereafter get constantly reminded to help them stay on track.

Benefit #4

Get A Forecasted View Of Sales

Wrong data is bad for any business, and so are the wrong numbers in sales.
Therefore, using a modern CRM solution businesses can find well-engineered and accurate forecasts of their sales, which can help organizations to avoid major and expensive mistakes when it comes to planning their marketing campaigns, gather leads, and conduct their overall sales process.

Easy to use CRM can do the following to provide value out of sales forecasting for any business:

Sales Pipeline forecasting

Once a deal is initiated it passes through several stages in the sales pipeline. Modern CRM can provide the ability to set a customized percentage that can be measured for each stage to show how likely the deals will move to get to the next stage in the pipeline or how likely it is for the deal to convert to a sale.

Goal-based forecasting

Based on the numbers and revenue of the deals that you have closed, CRM can help to forecast sales and show how likely your team is to achieve them.
Using CRM sales managers can find an idea of the number of deals that are won and thereby determine the average deal win rates.

Benefit #5

Improve Customer Relationships And Reduce Churn

CRM is known as Customer Relationship Management software for a reason.

It cannot be denied that your customers make your business- and there are no two ways about it.

Therefore you need to provide your customers with the best Customer Experience (CX) right from when they are your prospects, to when they purchase your offerings and even after that as they remain to make them stay back as your future customers.

Now providing the best experience for the customer needs a 360-degree view of the customers, which an essential feature that is found with the most easy to use CRM software solutions in the marketplace.

Modern CRM solutions come with prospect management tools, and the good ones are those platforms that are capable of telling everything you need to know about your leads and customers from a single screen.

This includes information captured from:

• Customer interactions

• Social media

• Email campaigns they are a part of

• The tasks and appointments scheduled with them

• Real-time usage statistics

• Other touchpoints

Therefore once you buy CRM all these benefits will aid your sales teams to build long-term relationships with your brand’s customers that can result in few leads slipping through the crack and also boost customer retention rate consequentially.


Hence as the key for providing your customers what they want mostly depends on how well you understand them, and easy to use CRM is a tool that can do it effortlessly, modern CRM software benefits you sales team and your whole organization by facilitating customer satisfaction, ease collaborations, protect data and finally by boosting productivity and revenue.

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