Alexa Ways to Boost Your Customer Retention Plans with Easy To Use CRM

Half a Dozen Unassailable Ways to Boost Your Customer Retention Plans

Customer Service | by Patricia Jones

Customers in modern times do not buy your products; instead, they buy your services. Therefore, once you provide your customers with the right products along with world-class service, using easy to use CRM software to assist in the process, they will surely come back for more.

Hence, in the present times, customer retention is the topmost priority for any brand to improve cultural norms, increase its value, and boost revenue.

According to a recent survey, it has been found that major corporate industry specialists agree that 90 percent of customers are the ultimate treasures for brands to keep for a lifetime. In fact, existing customers are not just mere customers but they are the true marketers of your brand.

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Therefore irrespective of what you are selling the right customer support policies help to build an amazing relationship with our customers, as to them by providing world-class support you do not remain just a seller, but customers trust you with their hard earned money as you are capable of providing them value in return with your services.

There are even those customers who crossed your path once and never came back since there are chances that they might have found your service average or they may have been acquired by your competition, or they do not need your offerings anymore.


Now whatever be the scenario, return customers always brings the bulk of businesses, as your loyal customer and so here are six secrets by which you can encourage your existing customers to come back.

  1. Boost customer service

As we mentioned earlier, the customer buys your services even more than your offerings. Hence customer service is everything that makes or breaks any business.
Hence complains and feedbacks, both good and bad, are signs that your customer support department requires improvements.

Feedbacks are also important as it is a good sign that shows your customers wants your business to be perfect.

Therefore by being open for improvements and by providing the best possible service, you can assure your customers the gold standard of service which can be improved considerably by using easy to use CRM software for business growth.

  1. Offer loyalty discounts

Offering discounts to your existing customers to fill up your customer pool is a true and tried way to get them back. You can also entice your customers by introducing shopping credit points and loyalty vouchers that may help your existing customers for the next purchases.
After spending a certain amount or making a purchase for a certain number of times you can even offer your customers an incentive in form of gifts (as per your policy)  to keep them happy and return for more.

For companies that are dealing in big consumer durable markets, like digital appliances or furniture, another option for retaining customers is by offering free service to them for an extended specific period of time, which is one of the best ways to encourage them to come back.

  1. Advertise future deals

If you are using CRM software platforms like Salesforce, or even a Salesforce Alternative CRM mostly used by upstarts and small businesses, you can use marketing automation in the software to send emails to your existing customers on your upcoming deals or make them aware of future sales or promotions of your brand.

  1. Utilize social media

The power of mouth advertising strategy has always proved its worth and therefore social media is a perfect tool to get your customers back or even retain the existing ones.

As in this present digital world, most customers follow their preferred brands in social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others you can post regular updates of your business news, testimonials from your happy customers, product updates and even promotional offers to get your existing and new customers and prospects in your loop.

Also always remember to include all social media links in every post to boost the chances of being followed to your lead generation page.

  1. Respond to feedback

Responding to either negative and positive feedbacks or survey results provides your valuable customers a sense of your care and responsibility.

Therefore, thank your customers those who leave positive feedback, for using your products and trusting your services and listen to the needs for customers those are facing issues and satisfy them by providing free service.

Doing this not only encourages your unsatisfied customers to provide your business with another chance, but you can also use this opportunity to mark your brand as a caring company by converting unhappy customers into loyal advocates.

  1. Keep an eye on your competitors

The most common reason as to why most customers do not come back is that your competitor has taken them up with an edge.

Hence by having knowledge about your competitors’ activities, you can offer better deals to your customers and get them back within your fold.

For this analyze the gap in your market, play with your brand’s USPs (Unique Selling Points) and do not get caught up chasing the competition.

Wrapping Up

Be it in any business, retaining existing customers is never an easy task. This is because it is true that brands do not build their worth overnight.

However, if you have patience, a good team and using easy to use CRM for building and supporting customer relationships, you can easily take your existing customers back to your brand.

For this, just figure out your customer’s expectations and needs and make your moves accordingly.

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