Alexa Ways To Enhance Experiences In Customer Lifecycle Journey

COVID-19 And Ways To Enhance Experiences In Customer Lifecycle Journey During This Pandemic

CRM | by Patricia Jones
customer lifecycle journey

All of us want to treat our customers and prospects the best we can, which is more true during this pandemic when businesses are forced to wade through unchartered waters and face these turbulent times.

Hence over here as one of the most popular vendors of easy to use CRM tools in the marketplace with thousands of customers using our cloud-based CRM platform, here are some of our observations that can make your brand’s customer lifecycle journey a more meaningful, productive, and a pleasant one even in these troubled times.

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Now even though there are several advices that you can find online about creating the perfect customer journey and customer experience, nevertheless as your brand’s customer lifecycle journey needs to be carefully managed especially during these trying times, following these four effortless practices consistently is sure to bring your business unforeseen success and growth.

1. Send follow-up messaging to one sender

Always remain sure that your business processes align with the requirements of your prospects and customers.

We all are of the same opinion and agree to the fact that businesses are nowadays keen upon deploying business growth technology solutions like easy to use CRM tools that can help automate processes that can increase employee efficiency and productivity- which is of course a brilliant move.

Nevertheless, businesses must primarily take into account the CX and the buyer’s journey when they are ready to build a process even before automating their workflow.

Hence as one of the most popular vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM platforms, we would advise that businesses should limit the number of automated emails that they send to their customers and prospects during these troubled times.

That means, brands should not send multiple emails from different sales or support reps with inconsistent messages to the prospects and customers since doing this can easily get the recipients confused and annoyed and thereby even delay the buying or resolution process considerably.

2. Ask, discover and listen

The basic goal for any business is to make revenue by satisfying its customers.

If you are working in sales, your goal is identical. Whereby you need to enquire for information, send a quote, and thereafter set up a meeting with the prospective customer or schedule a demo for conversion.

Similarly, if you are looking after customer support activities then again your goals remain the same since over here you even need to satisfy the customer by reverting back to a tough question or crack a problem for your customers.

Therefore, during this pandemic, any employee and representative in businesses should remain well-equipped with the right knowledge and tools to help their prospects and customers.

They must also primarily listen to what they are being told by their prospects and customers since most people are in a habit of not listening when they are talking- so be quiet, listen and then comprehend your customer’s needs.

It is also a good practice to always repeat what you have heard from them back to your callers since that can make sure of a mutually agreed-upon understanding between both the parties involved in the interaction, which help decrease miscommunication that can result in a delay in finding the right resolution or the best answer to the customer’s issues.

3. Ensure continuity while resolving the issues

Even though it might sound simple apparently, but it is not easy to find out what your customers or prospects need and get it to them consistently every time.

We say this every time in our  business growth training and ideas, as the path to any resolution can be really challenging, complex, and complicated, and hence everyone in your business must see it through.

For example, in response to an issue may be the person who first responded to the problem might not be the person who has the answer and so was unable to resolve the problem at the end. Nevertheless, the first person in the chain should always remain responsible and act as an interface with the prospects and customers to see that their problems are solved by someone more efficient and knowledgeable in the team. This is because it can always happen that the first person may have to hand off the prospect to another representative to help them find the necessary solution.

But even in situations like this one, it is absolutely important that a three-way introduction is required before the handoff occurs between the inquirer, the first contact, and the person thereafter entrusted to take over the pending responsibility for solving the issue.

4. Remain empathetic and timely in your approach

Finally since during this COVID-19 pandemic times, your 6-hour or 12-hour automated response providing time might not be the perfect or the desired solution for your customers, so remain timely in your approaches while solving your customers’ issues.

Always remember that any world-class CX and a positive customer experience in the customer lifecycle journey through a brand depends a lot on those who take care of their consumer’s pain-points, challenges, struggles and are dedicated to making their customer’s life better by using innovations and creativity while resolving problems faced by the prospects and customers during these troubled times.

This is because going by what we always say as one of the most popular vendors of easy to use CRM solutions if your business truly apprehends the problems faced by your consumers, you will soon understand that one solution never fits all, and so in order to provide a world-class customer experience businesses must make use of appropriate timings in order to respond according to the individual customer’s needs to increase customer satisfaction of their brands.

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