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Why Gmail and CRM integration is important for business

Productivity | by Patricia Jones
Gmail integration in CRM

Why Gmail and CRM integration, how important are they for businesses. Whether you have just started your business or it has been ten years holding the reigns of entrepreneurship, you need a business management application to manage the key areas. And when this business management application comes in the form of CRM – nothing like it!

Recent study has found that a new bracket of CRMs have come up in the market. They are advanced, flexible and suitable for the hottest startups to even the biggest large-scale enterprises. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Collaboration, Project Management, Reports & Analytics, Automation – they are the broad integrated business management applications who can do it all.

How? With some key integrations.

Starting from Mail Chimp, Outlook, QuickBooks, Xero, Google Contact, Google Calendar,Twilio, Fonality, GoToMeeting and DocuSign – the list is endless.

However, among these, the most critical integration to happen is that of Google Mail or what is popularly referred to as Gmail.

Gmail – the messaging and collaboration platform is widely used as a means of effective communication medium by businesses across the globe (approximately 900 million users). With a major chunk of interactions happening via Gmail, it is ideal to have the email software integrated within the CRM so that it works in complete synchronization with the CRM application. This ensures that the business entrepreneurs get a consolidated view of all the customers, leads and partners interactions in one shot from a single interface.

This is a great time saving activity. For instance, without opening a new tab for Gmail, entrepreneurs get to access and manage the entire Gmail data inside the CRM. The trouble of maintaining two sets of customer data platforms becomes a passé.

Some key benefits of Gmail integration within CRM happens to be these:

  • Quick management of all Google mails from the CRM repository
  • Better management of client and partner relationships with a consolidated view on all email communications from the CRM itself
  • Prompt email responses and follow-ups by replying to both CRM and Google mails from a single platform
  • Easy collaboration and sharing of Gmail information right through the CRM.

Moreover, when Gmail integration happens with renowned CRM applications, then business entrepreneurs get an additional benefit of always viewing the current Gmail data in the CRM. That is because majority of the renowned CRM platforms offer an automated cron running functionality that keeps importing Google Mails after a set time span.

This automated cron running process ensures that what owners see in the CRM is the most recent and updated Google messages. Their is no such hassle of manually syncing Gmail with CRM. It gets taken care of automatically.

Having said all of this, let us take a look at the different tasks that business entrepreneurs get to do once they have the Gmail widget within their CRM account.

What users can do from the Gmail option within the CRM?

  • Send and Acquire Google Messages inside the CRM account
  • Associate the emails with corresponding CRM data – contacts, accounts, leads, partners and tasks
  • Create new sales opportunities (contacts, accounts, leads, partners and tasks) in relation to the emails.

In lieu of all the pointers discussed above, it will not be wrong to state that Gmail stands as one of the must-have CRM add-ons.

It’s worthwhile checking out Right Inbox’s CRM integration. It allows you to automatically sync important email threads in GMail with your favourite CRM tool.

Final Thoughts

You as a business entrepreneur need to comprehend the fact that while running a business, it is always ideal to have as much data as possible streamlined and neatly indexed in one common place. And this is precisely what CRM and Gmail integration offers. You get one place from where you can manage your targets, leads, contacts, accounts, deals and simultaneously can send and receive Google mails.

There is no confusion of moving back and forth between tabs to sync data between Gmail and CRM. Instead you get your Gmail inbox and sent items right within the CRM.

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