Alexa Why SMBs can Ditch Salesforce to Adopt ConvergeHub

Why SMBs Can Ditch Salesforce to Adopt ConvergeHub

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Why SMBs Can Ditch Salesforce to Adopt ConvergeHub

The first name that often crosses our mind while talking about CRM is Salesforce. It’s a CRM giant and for all the right reasons. It comes with all the feature that makes it a clear winner in any cases. However, Salesforce comes with a hefty price tag along with a complex interface. And, that’s where ConvergeHub emerges as a compelling Salesforce alternative.

What’s ConvergeHub? What Makes it a Great Salesforce Alternative?

ConvergeHub is an all-in-one CRM Software designed fr the SMBs. This robust platform is crafted to track , organize and manage data from all four departments – marketing, sales, support and billing/accounts. Let’s go in-depth into the data and explore why ConvergeHub might be the perfect fit for your growing business. 

Pricing point: A Clear Winner

Investing in a CRM software is a substantial investment. Quite obviously, SMBs will compare the prices before investing in it. Many SMBs cannot afford such extensive investment during the initial phase of their establishment. But their requirements are no less than of a big enterprise. In fact, things are more scattered in every department and as they plan to scale up, they desperately need a systematic approach. They need a CRM that comes with all the functionalities, but not that pricey. Salesforce does not match with this criteria. On the contrary, ConvergeHub offers quite an affordable option. Their plans start at $9 per user per month, significantly lower than Salesforce’s base price of $75 per user per month. This translates to substantial savings, especially for larger teams.

Here’s a table on the feature-specific comparison.

Starting Price$75/user/month$9/user/month
Automation CapabilitiesRequires additional licensesIncluded in all plans
Service FeaturesRequires additional licensesIncluded in all plans
Contract lengthYearlyQuarterly or Yearly

Ease of use: Streamlined Interface

There’s a lot of powerful features in Salesforce, to be honest. But then, it comes at the cost of complex interface. Extensive training ad comprehensive hand holding is required to use the product at its full potential. Often the SMBs do not have this high-level of technical expertise

for such extensive hand holding process. Without it, SMBs often find it difficult to navigate its various modules effectively. On the other hand, ConvergeHub is widely preferred by the users for its ease of use. ConvergeHub boasts a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training. Its intuitive design allows users to get started quickly, maximizing their productivity and minimizing on boarding costs.

Focus on SMB Needs: Tailored Features for Growth 

As mentioned earlier, Salesforce is the CRM giant and obviously made for the companies with complex business structure. This enterprise CRM platform talks about core functionalities like sales pipeline management, lead generation, and customer support. ConvergeHub also supports the same with features essentially designed to streamline the SMB workflows.

Here’s a look at the key features of the ConvergeHub hat SMBs might found useful.

  • Sales Pipeline Management: ConvergeHub provides visual pipelines to track deals, forecast sales, and identify potential roadblocks.
  • Lead Generation: Built-in lead capture forms and email marketing tools help convert website visitors into qualified leads.
  • Customer Support: Manage customer tickets, track resolution times, and provide exceptional customer service experiences.

Simplified Marketing Automation

Salesforce requires integration with third-party marketing automation tools like Mailchimp, which further adds to the complexity and cost of the product. It means to run the marketing automation feature of Salesforce, additional support and licenses from other product is needed. On the contrary, ConvergeHub comes with in-built marketing automation features within its core platform. So, when a user is implementing ConvergeHub, he can already access the built-in features in the platform that helps them target email campaigns, track campaign performance, and nurture leads with automated workflows.

Data to Support the Claims: ConvergeHub’s Strengths 

And, if you are still not convinced with the advantages mentioned above, here’s a look at the data fro credible sources where users have chsen ConvergeHub at the better alternative. Several review platforms like G2 Crowd rates ConvergeHub higher than Salesforce for ease of use and ease of doing business. So is Software Reviews and Capterra.  Capterra has also further highlighted the  ConvergeHub’s affordability and positive customer reviews.

Here’s a glimpse into the data:

 G2 Crowd

  Ease of Use: ConvergeHub (8.8) vs. Salesforce (8.3)

Ease of Doing Business: ConvergeHub (9.2) vs. Salesforce (8.8)


 Average User Rating: ConvergeHub (4.7 out of 5 stars) vs. Salesforce (4.3 out of 5 stars)

 Beyond the Data: Additional Benefits of ConvergeHub 

While cost, ease of use, and built-in marketing automation are clear advantages, ConvergeHub offers other benefits:

Scalability:  ConvergeHub scales efficiently as your business grows, eliminating the need to migrate CRMs later.

Security: ConvergeHub prioritizes data security with robust security measures in place.

Customer Support: ConvergeHub offers responsive customer support, ensuring you get the help you need when you need it.

Ready to make a Switch? Here’s a look at the smooth transition

If you are already convinced that ConvergeHub is a better Salesforce alternative and planning to switch, there are experts to help you with it. In fact the transitioning itself is absolutely smooth and quite straightforward process. ConvergeHub offers data migration services to ensure a seamless transition of your customer data and sales pipeline.

Final Thoughts: Does ConvergeHub supports your needs?

We understand how SMBs often struggle with finances. If you are one of them and stuck with the thought that Salesforce is the best, you won’t be able to make the transition. Instead, you can choose to get rid of he enormous costs and complexity associated with Salesforce, ConvergeHub is a compelling alternative. Its user-friendly interface, built-in marketing automation, and focus on core CRM functionalities make it ideal for growing businesses. With its affordable pricing and commitment to customer support, ConvergeHub empowers SMBs to streamline their operations, nurture leads, and close more deals.

And finally there’s nothing called best CRM in the market. Each product has a set of beneficial features. So, the best CRM for your business is the one that addresses your specific needs and budget. Consider your requirements, evaluate both platforms, and make an informed choice.

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