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Xero & CRM Integrations That Are Popular in 2023

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Xero & CRM Integrations That Are Popular in 2023

Gartner reveals that by 2025, more than 80% of the accounting firms will rely on an integrated ecosystem of Xero and CRM to  manage their day-to-day operations.

Are you also following the same path? Great , that you have made this decision. Because, that’s what can help you do away with the accounting roadblocks on a daily basis. 

Now, the question is why Xero and not something else. There are several products in the market with great features. Why does Xero stand out?

Xero stands as a highly sought-after accounting software solution for businesses, offering a range of impressive features like real-time transactions and customizable reports. However, imagine if you could elevate your Xero workflows and transform it into a comprehensive all-in-one system for your business.

The integration of Xero and CRM is a game-changer that enhances Xero’s functionalities, enabling you to achieve greater heights. In this insightful piece, we will delve into the ways in which the best CRM for xero integrations empower every business to accomplish more than ever before. Additionally, we’ll unveil the top Xero CRM integrations, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the most valuable options available.

1. Xero + ConvergeHub

One of the best CRM for xero integrations is ConvergeHub and it is undeniably at the top of our list, and for all the right reasons. In a recent announcement by Software Reviews, ConvergeHub was hailed as the most preferred CRM software, thanks to its exceptional functionalities, with integration to Xero accounting software being one of its highlights.

ConvergeHub stands out for its ease of use and scalability. It seamlessly grows with your business, amplifying the capabilities of Xero. ConvergeHub’s comprehensive CRM software is designed to streamline sales, marketing, invoicing, billing, and customer service, all within a single platform.

ConvergeHub boasts an array of impressive features that make it an outstanding choice:

  1. Built-in contact management tool: Effortlessly organize and manage your contacts in one centralized location.
  2. Sales pipeline management: Visualize and track your sales pipeline, empowering your team with effective sales strategies.
  3. Sales forecasting: Leverage data analysis and predictive tools to make accurate sales forecasts, optimizing your business strategies.
  4. Customization capabilities: Tailor ConvergeHub to suit your specific business requirements and branding, creating a personalized CRM experience.


  • Exceptional user support: ConvergeHub offers high-quality customer support to ensure a smooth and efficient user experience.
  • Lead capture from emails and forms: Effortlessly import leads from emails and forms, saving time and improving lead management.
  • Advanced customization: Enjoy advanced customization options, allowing you to adapt ConvergeHub to your unique business processes.
  • Automatic email capture: Seamlessly capture emails and correspondence within the CRM, promoting efficient communication tracking.
  • Automatic tracking: Track various activities and interactions with contacts automatically, reducing manual data entry.
  • Mobile App: Access ConvergeHub’s features and functionalities on the go with their user-friendly mobile application.

ConvergeHub offers a free trial version, but the subscription plans are also quite affordable. Also, customizable plans are available for your requirements.

2. Xero + Salesforce CRM

Let’s move on to Salesforce, a powerful solution that effectively consolidates your company’s workflows to optimize sales and marketing processes. Leveraging cloud technology, Salesforce efficiently manages your customers, leads, vendors, and more, fostering streamlined operations. Salesforce and XERO together make one of the best CRM for xero integrations.

Salesforce empowers you to:

  1. Track customer activity: Gain valuable insights into customer interactions and behaviors, enabling personalized engagement and informed decision-making.
  2. View reports and analytics: Access comprehensive reports and analytics that provide a clear understanding of your sales and marketing performance, facilitating data-driven strategies.
  3. Sort potential customers: Categorize and segment potential customers based on various criteria, allowing targeted marketing efforts and enhanced lead management.
  4. Market to customers through automated emails: Utilize automated email campaigns to efficiently engage with customers, nurturing relationships and driving conversions.


  • Several integrations: Salesforce seamlessly integrates with numerous third-party applications, enabling enhanced functionality and expanding your business ecosystem.
  • Advanced marketing and sales automation: Benefit from sophisticated automation capabilities that streamline marketing and sales processes, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Extensive reporting features: Salesforce offers a wealth of reporting features, providing detailed insights into key performance metrics and facilitating data analysis.
  • Support forums and a large customer community: Access support forums and join a thriving customer community, fostering knowledge sharing, problem-solving, and collaboration.


  • Salesforce’s comprehensive features and capabilities come at a higher price point, making it a significant investment for businesses with budget constraints.
  • Salesforce has complex functionalities Customizing Salesforce to suit specific business needs often necessitates the assistance of a Salesforce representative, potentially adding complexity and time to the process.

Salesforce stands as a robust solution that unifies your company’s workflows, optimizing sales and marketing processes. With its ability to track customer activity, provide in-depth analytics, segment potential customers, and automate marketing campaigns, Salesforce empowers businesses to drive growth and achieve success. While it offers extensive integrations, advanced automation, and comprehensive reporting features, its higher price point and customization requirements may present challenges for some businesses.

3. Xero+Method CRM

This is among one of the best CRM for Xero integrations in recent times. Designed exclusively for SMBs seeking seamless integration, this is preferred for an exceptional two-way Xero sync capability. Experience the convenience of updating information in Xero, effortlessly reflecting those changes in Method’s CRM platform, and vice versa, eliminating the hassle of redundant data entry.

But Method’s features go beyond a typical CRM. It revolutionizes your workflows by automating processes, empowering your sales team, and equipping you with powerful tools for delivering exceptional customer service. Some notable functionalities include lead generation forms, payment gateways, online customer portals, and seamless third-party integrations.

What makes Method:CRM truly remarkable is its high degree of customization. Tailor this Xero CRM to perfectly align with your business requirements. Whether you prefer to customize it yourself or enlist the expertise of Method’s customization specialists, the solution adapts to your unique needs.


  1. Bidirectional sync seamless data integration.
  2. Unlimited customization options for a personalized experience.
  3. Utilize reusable email, report, and transaction templates.
  4. Effortlessly convert estimates into invoices with just a few clicks.
  5. Enjoy third-party integrations, with Zapier, Gmail and Outlook.


  1. Currently, Method CRM can be integrated only with QuickBooks and Xero.
  2. Not available for anyone other than Eng;lish speaking users. 

The best part is no credit card is required for a free trial.

4. Xero+Freshsales

Freshsales is a widely popular name. Powered by Freshworks, Freshsales and Xero integration leads to streamline your sales processes, which results in seamless and early closing of deals. Simultaneously, you can get enhanced customer insights with Freshsales’ remarkable features, including:

  1. A world of customization options, allowing you to tailor the CRM to your unique business needs.
  2. Activity timelines that provide a comprehensive overview of customer interactions and engagements.
  3. An AI-powered contact scoring system, enabling you to prioritize leads and focus on high-potential opportunities.


  1. Enjoy an intuitive and customizable interface that adapts to your workflow seamlessly.
  2. Stay connected on the go with the mobile app, which offers convenient voice notes functionality.
  3. Leverage AI forecasting capabilities to make data-driven sales predictions and optimize your strategies.
  4. Choose from a range of currencies and languages, ensuring flexibility for businesses operating globally.


The bad news! That exclusive lead generation tool ( most talked about gesture of Freshsales)  not available in anything other than Enterprise plan.

You can  opt for a trial version to  check out if this would help your business steer towards greater success.

5. Xero+ Copper

Copper is another excellent Xero CRM option tailored for businesses utilizing Google Workspace as their operational platform. Copper offers a range of impressive features, including:

  1. Contact list manager: Effectively organize and manage your contacts within Copper’s intuitive interface, ensuring seamless communication and engagement.
  2. Integrations with social media platforms: Integrate Copper with popular social media platforms, enabling you to leverage social interactions for effective customer relationship management.
  3. Pre-built email templates: Save time and streamline your communication efforts with Copper’s library of pre-built email templates, allowing you to easily create professional and personalized emails.


  • Good integration with Google Workspace: Copper seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, maximizing efficiency and productivity for businesses relying on Google’s suite of tools.
  • Industry-specific solutions: Copper offers tailored solutions for various industries, ensuring that businesses from different sectors can optimize their CRM processes effectively.
  • The ability to set up recurring tasks: Streamline your workflow by setting up recurring tasks within Copper, ensuring important activities are never overlooked.


  • Lacks native integrations for email automation: Copper’s CRM solution does not provide native integrations for email automation, which may require additional tools or manual processes for businesses seeking automated email workflows.

No doubt, Copper is one of the  favorable CRM software for Xero users who rely on Google Workspace. With its contact list management, social media integrations, and pre-built email templates, Copper facilitates efficient customer relationship management. Its strong integration with Google Workspace, industry-specific solutions, and support for recurring tasks make it a compelling choice. However, businesses in need of native integrations for email automation may need to explore additional options or find workarounds to meet their specific requirements.

The Final Takeaway

So, if you are looking to invest in an integrated CRM ecosystem to converge your business process and accounting needs, here are the options. Depending on your business needs you can check out what suits you best. 

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