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ConvergeHub Updates

ConvergeHub Integrates with Zapier® to Create Seamless Workflows with 750 Apps

ConvergeHub is excited to announce its integration with Zapier. We are now available in the Zapier® App Marketplace. Zapier helps in taking care of repetitive tasks, which helps in marketing and other business operations that need your attention, without the need to hire expensive developers or waste time in building intricate service integration processes. With just a few clicks now, you can use apps such as Xero, Shopify, Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, Evernote, GotoWebinar, and many more with ConvergeHub.

August 29, 2017

ConvergeHub Wins The Prestigious 2017 SalesTech Awards

Together with 100,000 members of B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, Crowd Research Partners announced ConvergeHub as the winner of 2017 SalesTech Awards. This award has been conferred to ConvergeHub in their CRM category among companies that has employee strength of less than 50 staffs for demonstrating innovation, leadership, and excellence in sales technology industry.

June 08, 2017

Announcing ConvergeHub integration with Google Drive

The wait is over. You can now integrate Google drive with ConvergeHub seamlessly to access all your files and document related to marketing, sales, billing, customer records, and others stored in your Google Drive right from the CRM platform.

You can also edit all documents, spreadsheets, and presentations directly from ConvergeHub platform without having to log on to your Google Drive.

April 27, 2017

Announcing ConvergeHub integration with Skype

Used by more than 7.4 billion users for facilitating work collaborations and communication across the globe, you can easily integrate Skype now with ConvergeHub. With this latest call efficiency upgrade, our users can easily ensure smooth communication workflow by using single Click-to-Call facility along with automatic saving of all call logs.

April 6, 2017

Announcing ConvergeHub integration with Box

Used by 20 million customers and 180,000 businesses for online storage of photos, documents, videos and other data, now you can use Box within ConvergeHub. This integration will help our users to reinvent the conventional CRM and transform the platform into a comprehensive Customer and Document Management system. Using Box with ConvergeHub will empower small businesses to collaborate on vital contacts, presentations, and proposals with increased efficiency and speed, which will seal deals faster and strengthen customer relationships.

January 31, 2017

Announcing ConvergeHub integration with RingCentral

ConvergeHub integrates with RingCentral for bringing in powerful call management features that will empower small businesses to better collaborate and communicate with their leads and customers from the CRM and improve customer engagement. Some of the features which this combined solution includes are Click-to-Dial, advanced call controls, find contextual customer information, automatically record call logs and others to bring greater speed at work.

January 11, 2017

Announcing ConvergeHub Partnership with NexInteractive

NexInteractive is a leading name in providing feature-rich and affordable Predictive Dialer and Contact Center Solutions. NexInteractive brings iNexus a call center solution that is available both in online and in on-premise formats, helping users manage outbound and inbound calls. With NexInteractive integration with ConvergeHub CRM, support agents will gain a comprehensive view of the customers and manage all their activities and tasks seamlessly, from within the CRM. The combination of ConvergeHub’s converged CRM and NexInteractive’s predictive dialer technologies will reduce call agent’s waiting time, which will increase the call center’s overall productivity.

January 06, 2017

ConvergeHub Automates Lead Capturing and Accelerates Sales Process with Web-to-lead Forms

ConvergeHub is glad to offer its users a simple web form editor, where users just need to drag and drop the fields, specific to their requirements. In addition to the conventional fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email and Address, 'Document' field is also available that allows users to capture important files and collaterals through the web-to-lead forms. Once created, the web form can be published on the website or anywhere else, using the Source Code, Embedded code or the live URL. Leads generated through the web form are directly captured in ConvergeHub CRM and are automatically assigned to the selected sales agent. The compelling combination of web-to-lead functionality with CRM shortens the sales cycle, reduces data entry glitches, increases marketing ROI, and so improves conversion. Truly, this feature of ConvergeHub CRM is a win-win for small businesses.

November 17, 2016

ConvergeHub to Exhibit at Los Angeles Small Business Expo

ConvergeHub announces that it will exhibit its CRM at LOS ANGELES SMALL BUSINESS EXPO® on November 10, 2016. At the Small Business Expo, ConvergeHub will be talking with Expo attendees about the benefits of using a converged CRM and ways it can significantly help them grow their businesses. To learn more about ConvergeHub, visit our booth at the Los Angeles Small Business Expo. ConvergeHub will be located at Exhibitor Booth #900.

November 08, 2016

ConvergeHub Announces New Reporting Features

Here comes another major time saver. Our converged CRM now offers 20 predefined reports for all modules including sales, marketing, and billing for small and medium businesses. This is a major help for SMBs who need to analyze data and derive key insights. SMB owners will now get more time to analyze the information and making data-backed business decisions as opposed to figuring out how to run their reports online. SMBs can also export the data into CSV or PDF file formats for offline access if they choose. Using this feature in ConvergeHub, companies can stay informed and make changes in real-time.

October 28, 2016

ConvergeHub partners with InfoStreet and gets listed on SkyAppMarket

ConvergeHub today announced its partnership with InfoStreet Inc, a leading name in providing affordable and best-in class cloud solutions to small businesses. Therefore, while InfoStreet's SkyDesktop allows small businesses to access, manage, and use most crucial apps in one place; ConvergeHub's CRM empowers small and medium businesses to manage their entire sales, marketing, support, and billing needs, within a unified, full-featured, and easy-to-use platform.

Users of ConvergeHub CRM can now use SkyDesktop, SkyAppMarket and SkyDesktop’s cloud app marketplace from within the user's in-browser cloud app platform to generate leads, drive sales and build customer loyalty.

September 20, 2016

Global Partner Program launched by ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub the #1 CRM for SMB, today announced its Global Partner Program to allow resellers, sales consultants, and VAR’s to resell its Cloud-based SaaS CRM. We highly value our partner’s success and for that, we are ready to provide highly competitive margins, which include unique recurring revenue models and quick payouts.

May 03, 2016

Email History View Status and Reply All and Forward functionalities added to ConvergeHub

After receiving a great response for Lead Clipper and Round Robin Assignment rule ConvergeHub announces the addition of two new features within its platform.

The Email History View Status feature will help the users to track whether the emails sent from within the CRM have been viewed or not by the recipient. The other feature Reply All and Forwarding will include added 'Reply All' and 'Forward' functionalities to Gmail and all email clients that are and will be integrated with ConvergeHub through IMAP, so that ConvergeHub users can now respond or resend message to multiple individuals, instantaneously.

April 19, 2016

ConvergeHub empowers SMBs with Lead Clipper and Round Robin Assignment Rule

We have added two more features that are new within our Cloud-based CRM platform ConvergeHub. Now by adding ConvergeHub Lead Clipper extension to the Chrome browser, users will be able to start adding leads to the CRM from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, in a single click.

In addition, Round Robin assignment rules will help contact center managers automatically assign accounts, deals, contacts, events, tasks, and leads that are generated via automation or imported in bulk. Since the assignment is done on a Round Robin or a rotation basis, this feature added to ConvergeHub will ensure equal distribution of data within the agents without any manual efforts for segmentation of the leads.

March 08, 2016

Announcing ConvergeHub integration with Gmail

After our successful integration with Google Calendar and Google Contacts, the third sequential Google Apps integration goes live today. Gmail App for ConvergeHub will allow users of the CRM to access their emails within the CRM platform. What more, you can attach your Gmail emails now ( as a history or task) to an existing contact in ConvergeHub or can also create contacts, new leads, accounts, tasks or partners right inside the email, without having to navigating to-and-fro within the CRM. Easy communication, collaboration, and sharing of Gmail information right through ConvergeHub will enhance our user’s ability to provide prompt customer response and follow-up by replying to the emails anytime, anywhere from ConvergeHub. All actions performed in the CRM will be simultaneously updated in the users Gmail account.

July 01, 2015

Announcing ConvergeHub integration with Google Apps

For better collaboration and communication, ConvergeHub announces a wide range of Google App integration within its SaaS cloud-based CRM system. Now create a single and centralized database using ConvergeHub by using a broad-suit of on-demand collaboration tools that are designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of small and medium businesses. Presently, you can use two most popular Google Apps- Google Contact and Google Calendar and make your business gain a competitive edge with better data accuracy, whereby every update done in these apps gets captured and populated within the ConvergeHub CRM database.

June 10, 2015

Announcing ConvergeHub integration with Microsoft Outlook

ConvergeHub integration with Microsoft Outlook will now provide our users to merge their Outlook data with the CRM records and communicate with partners, customers, and employees using either application, without the need for endless hunting through Outlook emails for finding project or customer updates and feeding them into the CRM. By easily integrating Outlook emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar with ConvergeHub, users now can fetch 360-degree view of their customers from the CRM.

May 5, 2015

Announcing ConvergeHub integration with QuickBooks

Now use the globally most popular business accounting software to take care of your bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll management, and payments by integrating QuickBooks within ConvergeHub. Automatically synchronize customers, quotations, invoices, and products between ConvergeHub CRM and QuickBooks. You can also share your invoices now with other users of the CRM, print them, or send it to customers through email.

March 24, 2015

Announcing ConvergeHub’s partnership with DocuSign

The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management™ (DTM), DocuSign enters into partnership with ConvergeHub, the #1 CRM for SMB. Using DocuSign with ConvergeHub, our users will no longer face unnecessary delays that happen with the loss of agreement files, delay in counter signature or failure of mail delivery. Most of all DocuSign integrated with ConvergeHub will be able to provide greater protection with electronic signature facility, which serves as a legally approved and permanent electronic record.

October 21, 2014

ConvergeHub named as a Community Choice Honoree in the Small Business Influencer Awards 2014

The Small Business Influencer Awards honors those who are influential to small businesses in North America. Being voted as a Community Choice honoree in the Small Business Awards 2014 reinforces us that our dedication and hard work has paid off.

ConvergeHub achieved this prestigious designation as the result of receiving top votes in the "Apps" category segment of the Award, from the members and unsung heroes of small business owners for helping them to achieve success by using our CRM.

October 14, 2014

Small Business Influencer Community Choice selects ConvergeHub as one of their Small Business Influencer Awards 2014 Winners

It certainly is a mark of great achievement for ConvergeHub to have successfully created a significant impact on small business community whereby hundreds of our CRM using customers have rallied around to enable us to leave behind more than 600 other competitors. The Community Choice designation within the Small Business Influencer Awards recognizes those apps whose communities have supported them with top votes, which implies that we are on the right track and our CRM app is performing to the expectations of our customers.

We are happy to let the world know that ConvergeHub has been ranked as one among the top five popular-vote-getters in the "Apps" category.

September 25, 2014

ConvergeHub selected among the TOP 22 companies for CRM Idol 2014

CRM Idol which has names of top CRM pioneers and stalwarts like Paul Greenberg, Chuck Schaeffer, Brent Leary and Kate Leggett associated with it has selected ConvergeHub as one of the contestants consecutively for the Second Year in a row. Out of 160 participants this year in CRM Idol 2014, ConvergeHub has made it to the top 22 CRM companies of the world.

CRM Idol is by far the leading platform that acknowledges the best of upcoming CRM talents.

This announcement came just weeks after ConvergeHub has officially rebranded itself from a Simple Powerful Unified CRM platform into a much Improved Business Management Application with its new Tagline- "Sell Market Service Collaborate".

July 31, 2014

ConvergeHub rebrands with the launch of its new website

ConvergeHub has ultimately taken the cover off its brand new website on July 16, 2014, and taken a giant leap forward from being just a plain-vanilla CRM to become a Business Management Platform. We have integrated a string of new and advanced features to remodel our CRM as an innovative network portal to enable clients manages the crux of their business from one interface. Now users of ConvergeHub, apart from using the software as the regular CRM tenants of marketing, sales, and customer support activities, ConvergeHub will further include Automation, BPM capabilities, and several other collaboration tools. Some of the new features in ConvergeHub CRM will include Project Management, Sales Quotations and Invoicing, Multi Channel Broadcast methods, Google Apps, GoToMeeting, QuickBooks, Box, and Tally.

July 22, 2014

Announcing ConvergeHub integration with GoToMeeting

Execute online presentations to engage the target audience and qualify leads. ConvergeHub today introduces the integration of GoToMeeting with ConvergeHub CRM, the ultimate CRM for SMB. GoToMeeting is an online meeting solution that lets you collaborate with your clients, customers, professional acquaintances, and business associates via the Internet in real time. Integrating GoToMeeting with ConvergeHub opens up unlimited opportunities which increase organizational sales, reduce operational costs by providing impromptu demonstrations with screen sharing, HD video and audio conferencing or sharing any application on the attendee’s computer, irrespective of the fact whether the application is installed in the attendee’s system.

May 01, 2014

ConvergeHub plans for a much-improved collaboration platform for SMBs in 2014

ConvergeHub plans to integrate our CRM with a string of advanced features based on our customer feedbacks. This expansion plan is a part of ConvergeHub’s pledge to make 2014, a major landmark for technical innovation to enable small businesses market, sell and collaborate in a better and bigger way on the cloud. With these updated outfits, it will also help ConvergeHub to make its foray into the enterprise markets, as we are all set now to tap the potential of the AsiaPacific countries and Europe.

Some of the upcoming functionalities in ConvergeHub CRM will include- Email Marketing, FAX Marketing, SMS Marketing, Voice Broadcast, and Social Marketing features among many other functionalities that we very soon wish to build, and are on our pipeline.

April 07, 2014

ConvergeHub planning to offer Multi Channel Marketing solution to help SMBs leverage all forms of broadcasting methods

ConvergeHub is all set to announce its immediate release of Multi-Channel marketing functionalities in its fully functional Web based Cloud CRM. This Multi-Channel Marketing features such as Email Marketing, FAX and SMS Marketing, Voice Broadcasting and Social Marketing will help small businesses map a customer-oriented strategy across multiple channels, business lines, and products to provide constant and consistent customer facing offers and experiences.

December 31, 2013

ConvergeHub Nominated in the Best SaaS Application 2013 Category of the UP-START Cloud Awards

The UP-START Cloud Awards is global effort to honor and recognize the next generation Cloud Computing companies. UP 2013, Cloud Computing Conference is a platform that brings together business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to highlight their products and solutions, receive much sought after industry recognition and win a tangible prize.

ConvergeHub as a leading cloud-based CRM solution has been nominated in the Best SaaS Application 2013 category along with 23 other contestants this year.

October 23, 2013

CRM Idol Award 13 Nomination List Released: ConvergeHub among 44 contestants

CRM Idol looks for- “the game changers” among the CRM companies, who are making path-breaking efforts to shape the future. The stringent selection parameters of CRM Idol Award are set to recognize the candidacy of a company to participate in this prestigious event, based on its constant innovation and evolving new and efficient ways for business process management, which helps emerging enterprises like ConvergeHub to get into the Cloud based SaaS ecosystem. With more eliminations than ever before, ConvergeHub is proud to be a part of the CRM Idol’s nomination list.

August 01, 2013

ConvergeHub Is Set to Rollout Its Mobile CRM Edition

ConvergeHub after launching the Web based version of its Cloud-based CRM is now at the testing and implementation phase of its Mobile CRM. We are applying form factor technology to offer unique user experience for our mobile application and are not compacting our Web CRM to fit on the small screen of your smartphones and iPhones. With the launch of our mobile app, ConvergeHub wishes to penetrate even deeper into the CRM market.

July 25, 2013

ConvergeHub Plans to Offer Web Meeting and Cloud File Management System through Its CRM Offering

ConvergeHub plans to launch integrated web meeting and file management solutions so that our users do not have to buy any other third-party apps. Our inbuilt web conference solution from the CRM interface will allow one to directly get engaged with his/her clients on live chat, while to make file management and sharing easier our CRM will allow document management solutions for more than 2 GB from your ConvergeHub account using single login details.

May 31, 2013

ConvergeHub Launches Their Cloud-based CRM on GetApp and Earns Top Rating

"With its extensive feature list, flexible and affordable pricing, ConvergeHub scores on all counts. It makes it possible for small businesses to implement world-class marketing campaigns and sales management processes at affordable costs." - quoted the GetApp reviewer about us.

ConvergeHub achieved the following ratings in GetApp:

  • Overall: 9/10
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Ease of deployment: 4/5

ConvergeHub CRM offers integrated team management and collaboration features, which makes the solution especially useful for companies willing to limit the number of business apps they use but helps small businesses to implement world-class marketing campaigns and sales management processes at an affordable costs.

May 24, 2013

ConvergeHub gets GREAT MARKET RESPONSE for its Cloud-based CRM release

After the grand release of ConvergeHub CRM on April 26, 2013, which is now available to the users, we are happy to let our customers and patrons know that our CRM has received an overwhelming response from the market. This is because ConvergeHub is a small business Cloud-based CRM software that is specially designed for targeting the growing SMB business tool market, offering easy and intuitive navigation, multichannel and third party integrations, scalable and customizable business adaptability and many more features found in large scale enterprise products in the CRM industry.

April 30, 2013

ConvergeHub ready to launch highly customizable third party Apps Store

After the ceremonious inauguration of the Cloud-based CRM for SMB on April 26, 2013, ConvergeHub to improve its user experience with the customer relationship software plans to launch a highly customizable app store, where users can shop for their preferred third party apps on pay per month basis to integrate them with the ConvergeHub CRM.

Users of ConvergeHub CRM will now find an easily customizable business process solution to personalize their CRM platforms to suit their market vertical needs.

April 29, 2013

ConvergeHub Inc. is all set to unveil its CRM solution for SMB

At the launching ceremony of the beta version of Converge Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Shampa Bagchi, CTO, ConvergeHub Inc. quoted: 'We realized that small companies don't want to spend a fortune in organizing extensive training programs for CRM use. What they look for is a speedy solution that they can start using immediately. Over the years, we have studied clients' behavior before coming up with our product. ConvergeHub is a ready-to-use solution perfect for limited user business model."

ConvergeHub is a SaaS Cloud-based CRM solution that is designed keeping in mind the specific business requirements of small and medium businesses. ConvergeHub will be available for small and medium businesses across market verticals namely - banking, consultants, customer support, law firms, finance, merchant funding, real estate, investment banking, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, insurance, professional services, and others. Additionally, ConvergeHub CRM will offer extensive customization options and flexibilities to make it befitting to any particular industry.

March 26, 2013
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