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Posted by Patricia Jones

Even if you have a CRM software in place, chances are that you are not being able to track all the customer interactions. That is because a large chunk of conversations happen over Gmail that  remains unfetched in your CRM. Asking your sales, marketing and customer support teams to feed this data every day is an exaggerated demand. With a colossal like workload, it is unlikely that your teams will have the time and patience to religiously enter all the Gmail communication into your CRM software.

So, what do you do? Choose a CRM that offers tight integration with Google Mail.

Many of the best CRM solutions already have Gmail integration built in and one of which is our very own ConvergeHub. It seamlessly syncs with Gmail along with two other popular Google Apps – Google Contacts and Google Calendar.

In consideration of the unprecedented popularity that Gmail holds as a business tool (900 million users), ConvergeHub has gone ahead with the integration to empower its users access this easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective email solution right within the cloud CRM platform.

How does Gmail integration work for ConvergeHub users?

Gmail has become  a core part of ConvergeHub workflow that will allow users to execute a host of activities, namely:

  • Synchronize sent, received and draft email messages to centralize them all together inside ConvergeHub
  • Obtain a thread view of all email conversations
  • Associate email conversation with CRM leads, contacts and accounts
  • Share and update emails with other users and partners within ConvergeHub
  • Create new leads, contacts, accounts, tasks and partners within the email
  • Use Gmail tab inside ConvergeHub to send and receive emails. No hopping between two platforms.

How to integrate Gmail App within ConvergeHub?

Unlike other CRM app integrations that call for extensive technical development, Gmail integration within ConvergeHub does not involve any technical wizardry.

The section below defines how you can start with Gmail within ConvergeHub in 3 easy steps –

1. Go to Apps Store

  • ConvergeHub has a comprehensive apps store that allows users to shop for third-party apps.
  • App integration solution is available for – QuickBooks, Docusign, GoToMeeting, Outlook, Twilio, and many more.

2. Read details about Gmail App

  • Click on ‘Details’ to learn the exact functionality that Gmail app integration will provide you in the CRM.

3. Get App and Link your Gmail  account

  • Click on the ‘Get App’ button to bring Gmail app in ‘My Apps’ section
  • Go to ConvergeHub email module and connect Gmail account with the CRM
  • Start using Gmail within ConvergeHub CRM.

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