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Posted by Patricia Jones

Mr. Jason Taylor has one of the best CRM applications implemented for his business. But while he smoothly carries out all his business activities, one thing that annoys him is frequent hopping between Microsoft Outlook to check emails, contacts, tasks and calendars and then update them in the CRM application. Doing this takes up his time and acts as a brake to his workflow.

That leaves us wondering is there a way to resolve his problem?

With Outlook and CRM both crucial to a business – can both these two stellar applications meet to result into a winning combination? (Your answer lies below)

ConvergeHub (CRM Idol 2014 semi-finalist) is one of the best CRM software for small business. It provides Microsoft Outlook Plug-in in its Apps Store which functions as a business productivity improvement tool where owners use the plug-in to easily integrate all their Outlook emails, contacts, tasks and calendars within ConvergeHub database.

What happens then?

In minutes – ConvergeHub users access and manage all their Outlook records from the CRM platform. In addition to this, Outlook displays ConvergeHub as a folder within the Navigation Pane. Users get all the ConvergeHub data in one area of Outlook.

How does it benefit the businesses?

Businesses get to execute an array of vital functions that includes:

  • Synchronizing the Outlook emails and contacts with ConvergeHub using Active Duplicate Checking Intelligence to ensure no mismatch of the information
  • Synchronizing calendars, tasks and events (calls and meetings) between Outlook and ConvergeHub calendar
  • Adding Outlook inbound and outbound emails under the sub-panel of Contacts stored in ConvergeHub
  • Sharing the Outlook data across the organization and keeping the entire team always up to date
  • Tracking Outlook conversation history happened with contacts, from any location and time
  • Maintaining automatic data consistency across ConvergeHub and Outlook by making changes in one platform and getting it automatically updated in the other

ConvergeHub + Outlook integration make businesses gain a competitive advantage in the following ways:

1. Flexible Working Practices: Centralized information provides complete flexibility to the users regarding whichever application (CRM (ConvergeHub) or Outlook) they choose to work on.
2. Quick CRM adoption: Users work on CRM (ConvergeHub) from within the more familiar Outlook platform. This makes it easy for the users to understand the CRM and adopt it completely in less time.
3. Data Flow: No need to copy and paste events and tasks from Outlook to CRM (ConvergeHub) calendar or vice versa. Users easily merge Outlook and CRM tasks and calendar to track all correspondence data in one system.
4. Better Customer Management: All emails are synced and cross-referenced between Outlook and CRM (ConvergeHub). From the CRM, users track emails along with all related records to understand the history of communication and cater to customers better.
5. Quick Access to Information: Outlook and CRM integration breaks down information silo. It fosters quick knowledge sharing that makes the team equipped enough to cater to customers promptly.

In short – the best of two worlds (CRM & Outlook) accessible from one unified platform!

Without a change of application or workflow, businesses execute both their Outlook and CRM activities from a single area. Truly – a great way to improve business efficiency!

Setting up Microsoft Outlook Integration

1. Download the Zip containing the Outlook_Integrator.exe

Outlook Integrator2. Click Setup to extract it.

Setup OutlookNote: Before running this setup make sure your system has Internet connection and .NET Framework 3.5

3. If .NET Framework 3.5 is not installed in the machine then it will prompt the window to download it. Click the Accept button to download and install.

Install Framework 3.54. When all the prerequisites are successfully installed in the machine, ConvergeHub Outlook Add-in setup wizard will open like the below image.

Outlook Add -in Setup Wizard5. Complete the Installation process and open Outlook. Outlook will have the ConvergeHub menu added under the Add-Ins tab as shown below.

ConvergeHub AddIns Tabb. If the outlook version is 10 then ConvergeHub Menu will be available before the Help menu in the command menu bar.

ConvergeHub Menu Bar 6. Before starting to work with ConvergeHub and Outlook together, a few settings needs to be done.

Click on the settings sub menu, a pop-up will appear where you need to require submitting your ConvergeHub credentials for logging in and doing the general setting.

ConvergeHub Pop-up for CredentialsFinish that and you are all set now to gain advantage from the combined strength of ConvergeHub and Outlook.

Unlike other CRMs, ConvergeHub offers FULL integration with Outlook to provide optimum benefit to the users.

Know more about ConvergeHub Outlook integration from our support consultants.

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