Creating Custom Fields in ConvergeHub CRM

The power of Field Level Customization in ConvergeHub CRM

Posted by Patricia Jones

There are 240+ CRMs in the market. But how many offer customizations?

ConvergeHub is the most customizable and easily adaptable CRM solution. It understands the fact that all businesses are unique in the way they work and offers to customize a lot of elements in the CRM. You can create custom tabs, fields, page layout, templates, workflow rules and sales processes to reflect your unique business practices. This ensures that you’re not stuck with a plain vanilla CRM that has a rigid work flow but a flexible CRM that perfectly fits your needs.

Field Level Customization

ConvergeHub provides a wide range of standard fields in each module. However, it extends your database further and does not keep it limited to a finite set of predefined fields. It empowers you to create custom fields everywhere in the CRM, just like the pre-built fields. Custom field types are:

  • Boolean: Two data types to represent the logical values of true and false
  • Checkbox: A small box to enable or disable an option
  • Currency: A field to include amount in a specific currency
  • Date: A calendar date input field
  • Formula: A field that robotically fills calculated data based on the values inserted in other fields
  • List: A drop-down list option
  • Numeric: A field type that holds plain numbers without any percentage or currency signs
  • Radio: Round circles representing options, of which only one can be selected at a time
  • Relate: A field to establish relationship between different modules
  • Summary: Totals the values in the fields selected in the Summary Field Name
  • Text Area: A large text input field
  • Text Field: A simple text field
  • URL: A field to insert a link of any web page
  • Year: A drop-down list option to input the year

ConvergeHub CRM’s field level customization puts the power in your hands. Choose from the list of 10+ Custom Field types to capture data specific to your work demands. Specify Field Properties such as Name, Values and so on. Decide whether you want the fields to be mandatory, have advanced search, help text, default value, quick view, inline edit and mass update or not. These fields become available to all the users added to your organization’s CRM account. You can edit, delete and unpublish the custom fields later.

How to add Custom Fields?

1. Click on Admin Settings.

Add Custom Fields 12. Click on Custom Fields under App Setup.

Add Custom Fields 2

3. Click on New.

Add Custom Fields 3Define the Properties as required for the custom field:

Add Custom Fields 44. Select the module under which you want to create the custom field.

5. Select the tab under which the custom field will appear.

6. Name the custom field.

7. Choose from the list of 15 + Custom Field types.

8. Choose whether you want the custom field to be set as mandatory or not.

9. Choose whether you want the custom field to have advanced search or not.

10. Choose whether you want the custom field to be applicable under the copy functionality or not.

11. Choose whether you want to publish the custom field or not.

12. Write a help text for the custom field for better understanding of users.

13. Set a default value for the custom field.

14. Choose whether you want the custom field to have inline edit option or not.

15. Choose whether you want the custom field to have mass update option or not.

16. Save to create the custom field. The newly created custom field will appear under the selected tab of the respective module.

Not just Create but also Organize your Custom Fields

Just when you think that custom fields are the last level of customization in ConvergeHub CRM, here comes the BIG surprise. ConvergeHub offers Layout Editor that empowers you to drag and drop custom fields wherever you want them in the page.

What’s the best part?

There’s no scripting or code involved! So create Custom Fields and organize them in the left and right panel to group and merge sections of information together. Draw Lines to divide and segment the custom fields based on company objectives. Add Spaces to make the custom fields fit well on the page.

The ConvergeHub Advantage

Unlike the generic CRMs that leave you searching for other software to store industry-specific information and piece together data – ConvergeHub enables you to create custom fields that work for your industry. You store batches of information other than just ‘company’ or ‘name’ in the CRM. You have complete control over the data required in the CRM and can input information based on what is most relevant to your business process.

Next Step

Create Custom Fields of different types and share how they help you store unique data elements in the CRM, particular to the way your business operates. We’ll be waiting to hear your experiences with our built-in custom field tool.

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