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How ConvergeHub lets you import data in minutes?

Posted by Patricia Jones

Data importing into the CRM is not a one-time affair. On regular intervals, you will require feeding data into the CRM repository from multiple sources. Do you agree spending hours on simply transferring data from your CSV file to CRM?

Data import into the CRM is a crucial point – that needs to be heard and addressed before selecting the CRM. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 20 person small firm or a 1,000 person global organization: time spent on importing the data into the CRM can be detrimental to your team’s productivity.

FIVE Step Data Import with ConvergeHub

Leading CRM for small business – ConvergeHub (CRM Idol 2014 Semi-Finalist) understands the importance of quick data import and thus has come forward with an easy process. In five simple steps, you can import your leads, contacts, accounts and deals to ConvergeHub database.

That’s not all. Some of the additional features include:

  • Duplicate checking intelligence to eliminate duplicate entries and ensure data quality
  • Sharing of the imported data across the organization
  • Customization of the imported lists
  • Assignment of the imported contacts to marketing campaigns.

Steps to Import Data to ConvergeHub

You can easily import data from multiple sources to ConvergeHub repository. The steps below illustrate importing data from a CSV file stored in your local drive.

Step 1

Choose the field where you want to import the contacts to. Browse & load the file directly from your local drive. Select an existing list to which you want to import the file or else create a new list.

In case of multiple headers in your file, click on the ‘My File has a Header’ checkbox to ensure that the CRM maps the data according to the headers in the file.

Use the duplicate checking intelligence option and select the fields for which you want to use this feature. Notify whether you want the system to ignore the duplicate contacts or update them with the information from the list.

Browse & load the file directly from your local drive Step 2

Select the user to whom you want to assign the imported contacts.

assign the imported contactsAssignment of imported contacts to multiple users

ConvergeHub provides the option of automatically assigning the imported contacts to different agents. To avail this benefit, select the second option that is:

  • Data file contains Assigned User.

Create an ‘Assigned To’ column in the CSV file that mentions the agent name for each contact. Mention this column in the CRM. Based upon the data given in the column, ConvergeHub will automatically direct the contacts to the associated agents.

Step 3

Select the ConvergeHub field where you want the imported data to get merged into. Also set the default value for every field.

Import Data in ConvergeHub CRMStep 4

Click on ‘Remember Field Matching’ option. This will ensure that ConvergeHub remembers the field matching during the data import process.

Remember Field Matching’ optionStep 5

In the last step, ConvergeHub will show the duplicate checking result. You can either ignore the errors and continue or cancel the file import process altogether.

ConvergeHub will show the duplicate checking resultStep 6

Once the records are imported, you can view them or even undo the import if required.

View & Import RecordsStep 7

Click on My Import File to see all the files imported till date in ConvergeHub.

Click on My Import FileTry ConvergeHub Data Import Feature and send us your feedback on the same. We will take in your suggestions and try improving the process further.

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