How has ConvergeHub made Document Management easy?

Posted by Patricia Jones

Data suggests that a business loses 25 percent of its time on merely following up on the contracts send to the clients? Not only does this hampers the team productivity (who could have utilized the time on other constructive tasks),  but also puts a brake to the lead to deal conversion process.

Jim Folley, (business consultant and CRM blogger) states – ”While problems like ineffective inventory management and ERP systems catches the eye of all, what businesses mildly ignore is the damage caused to the company ROI due to a prolonged and slow document and transaction management process.

A permanent full stop can be put on this problem – if only businesses get the power to conveniently receive/send/sign documents in minutes and process deals faster. Only if they can automate and streamline all agreements in one system and accelerate the contracts turnaround time.”

Sounds an excessive idyllic situation. Not anymore!

The DocuSign Advantage

ConvergeHub (2014 CRM Idol Semi-Finalist) has come up with an easy and effective eSignature and transaction management capability within its next generation Customer Engagement Management solution.

It has partnered with world-renowned E-signature App DocuSign to provide a one click document creation, sending, and signature process. The combination of DocuSign and ConvergeHub has helped the users digitize their business by making record-keeping totally paperless.

Key Benefits

  1. Accurate and Effortless Document Management

Record-keeping is Paperless. Contracts and Agreements are delivered electronically and stored and organized within the centralized CRM database. Signed documents are automatically stored back as a PDF into ConvergeHub database.

  1. Greater Security

Digital document signing is fully legal and serves as a permanent electric record. Once the signature is done in any document, the concerned person is bound by the terms of the document.

  1. Faster Deal Closure

There is no hassle of printing a contract, adding notes/cover letter, and then mailing it to the recipient for signature Using DocuSign within ConvergeHub, documents are send in minutes.  Common roadblocks like loss of agreement files, delay in counter-signature, delay in receiving the legally binding document back in the mail or failure of mail delivery is not applicable as all the collaterals are electronically send and received. Contracts and agreements turnaround time is fast and it just takes minutes instead of days or weeks to complete the deal closure process.

  1. Reduced Operational Cost

DocuSign for ConvergeHub saves the cost of  printing, faxing, shipping and supplies. Users do not need to follow the old style paper-based processes to get the documents and contracts created, printed and mailed for signature.

Users send contracts directly from the CRM app ConvergeHub. Recipients open the link in the email, study the document, sign it and return it in a matter of minutes.

  1.  Better Convenience

Electronic signatures are convenient for both the sender and the recipient.  Even when traveling, users just need an internet-enabled device to prepare documents and send from the DocuSign window within ConvergeHub. Once the document is sent for signature, users send notifications and view real-time updates of the documents’ status.

In the similar way, recipients find it easy to read, sign and send the document while on the go.

  1. Better Sales Team Productivity

Sales Agents ditch the slow and laborious contract workflow processes and reduce the time spend on preparing, sending, and following up on contracts for signatures. They generate  agreements in relation to Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Deals and send it through one click. If required, they send documents right from the Library, and also add or edit tags to the documents.

Since DocuSign automatically pulls and updates the documents in the CRM, sales reps do not have to manually rekey data. They get notified when the document is signed or edited.

Interested in using DocuSign from your CRM application ConvergeHub? Learn below:

Steps to send Document through DocuSign

  1. Click on Get App option in ConvergeHub to include the DocuSign app in the My Apps section.
  2. Click on Settings to complete the integration of the DocuSign app in the user account.
  3. Note: Clicking on settings will pop up a new section where you need to provide your DocuSign account credentials.

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