In-depth Analysis of your business with ConvergeHub Reports

Posted by Patricia Jones

ConvergeHub, the popular Online Business Management System, offers a seamlessly integrated and advanced Reporting feature. Using the host of analytical features in the CRM system, you always be on the top of your business data to make on-time informed decisions.

ConvergeHub Reports makes it easy for you to slice and dice your CRM data in a flash. With a click of the mouse – you know your win/loss rates, do revenue forecasts, measure your sales team performance, and track your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Key Features

  1. 10+ Predefined reports in sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management modules

Examples of Predefined Reports include:

  • Leads by status, assigned user
  • Leads By Status
  • Sales By Lead Source
  • Contacts At My Accounts
  • Account Owner
  • Deals By Type
  • Deals By Source
  • Deal Pipeline
  • Closed Deals
  • Sales By Accounts
  • Active Accounts

2. Role-based access to protect the reports’ confidentiality

Use ConvergeHub role-based feature to restrict or enable access to the users to view the different Reports. Share the reports securely and accurately, with security access controls.

3. Different Reporting Components

Create Customized reports in three formats – Tabular, Summary, and Matrix depending on the nature of the data to be analyzed.

Tabular Report:

Summary Report:

Matrix Report:

4. Variety of Charts and Pivot Tables

Use 4 different types of charts (Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart and Donut Chart & Funnel) to build insightful reports.

5. Collaborative Analysis

Create reports spanning multiple modules. Example: Leads with Products

6. Easy export of Reports Data

Export reports to different user-friendly formats such as PDF, CSV and List formats.

7. Reports Distribution

Send reports to your colleagues, channel partners and other key business associates daily, weekly or monthly through ConvergeHub. Schedule the report generation mechanism and automatically send printer-friendly CSV or PDF format reports to the specified recipients.

8. Report Favorites

Save your time surfing through all the reports in the Reports Listing Page. Use the bookmark option to mark the important reports that you access often or always require to refer to.

9. Simple Report Creation Process

Create powerful and insightful reports in a few easy steps with no IT help required. Simply select:

  • Module
  • Related module
  • Report format (Tabular, Summary and Matrix).
  • Columns
  • Order (Ascending or Descending)
  • Column Summary
  • Criteria

…And you are ready to run the report.

Watch the slideshow below to view the steps.

10. Delete and Edit Reports

Use inline edit and delete functions to remove the report from the Reports Listing section or make changes to it.

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Want to understand in detail how ConvergeHub Reports can help you solve your business reporting and data analysis needs?

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