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What’s new in ConvergeHub (Release Update on 11th December 2015)

Posted by Patricia Jones

We have something special for you.. a better and improved ConvergeHub with new features that will make you more efficient and save you time.. just what you need for the New Year.

#1. QuickBooks Online Integration

This is one of ConvergeHub’s most awesome features!!! If you use QuickBooks Online to manage your accounting, you can integrate your #QBOnline account with ConvergeHub and synchronize Customers, Contacts, Products and Invoices between both the platforms. Forever.

ConvergeHub + QuickBooks: Bidirectional Sync 

Yes, you read that right! ConvergeHub now offers the exclusive functionality of two-way sync with QuickBooks Online. That means – Data can be entered once in either QuickBooks or ConvergeHub, and the other system syncs up automatically. This ensures that both platforms are always up-to-date and in-sync.

  • Get 360 degree view of QuickBooks Customers in ConvergeHub
  • Track invoices from either QuickBooks or ConvergeHub
  • Provide replies to customers’ invoice and product queries, directly from ConvergeHub
  • Maintain up-to-date customer information across both the systems to eliminate double data entry, reduce errors and increase productivity.

Check QuickBooks App Store to get a more detailed view of the functionalities that ConvergeHub+QuickBooks Online provide.

How to integrate QuickBooks Online within ConvergeHub?

  1. Go to ConvergeHub Apps Store
  2. Read details about QuickBooks Online Application
  3. Click on Get App. Provide the login credentials to link QuickBooks Online account to ConvergeHub.

#2. Deals Module Send Agreement Functionality

The deal is halfway over and you generate the agreement and mail it to the client wondering – if only I could send the agreement directly from ConvergeHub deals section and close the matter in a few minutes. 

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to start rejoicing! We have added the ‘Generate Agreement’ functionality in the deals module also.

Now you can automatically generate and send agreements from ConvergeHub Deals – to enhance productivity, reduce human error, and ensure fast communication.

How it Works?

  1. Click on a Deal from the Deals Listing Page
  2. Click on Generate Agreement in the Action dropdown
  3. Choose the Agreement Template
  4. Click on Generate
  5. Send the Agreement to the related account via Email/FAX/DocuSign.

Note: Generated agreements are listed in the subpanel of the Deals Details Page, in the Library section. Sent agreements are listed in the subpanel of both the Deals & Accounts Details Page, in the History section.

Benefit: You can keep an easy track of, which agreements have been generated and which sent.

  1. Last Activity module tracking functionality

It’s the end of the day and you are set to cross-check the daily activities done by your team. Your sales agent John has written in the report – ‘Called up 50 leads for product demo discussion’. You want to check which 50 out of 400 leads stored in ConvergeHub. Checking each one of the 400 leads is impossible. So how will you do that?

We thought of several solutions and came up with an idea. Please meet brand new three options:

Last Activity: It shows the latest activity done on the Leads/Accounts/Contacts/Deals

Last Activity By: It shows the name of the person who has created/done the activitty

Last Activity Date: It shows the date on which the activity has been done/created.

These options will allow you to navigate easier and faster and keep a tab on all recent activities. For example, in a few minutes you can precisely know:

On which date, which leads have been called up and by whom?


On which date, which accounts have been emailed and by whom?

How it Works?

  1. Go to Leads/Accounts/Contacts/Deals Listing Page
  2. Take the cursor on ‘Show Custom Fields’ icon and click on the three options – Last Activity, Last Activity By and Last Activity Date
  3. Get an immediate view on the recent activities done along with the date and creators’ name.
  4. IF condition in formula field

The recently introduced custom formula field is popular but functionality is limited to only calculate the sum of fields. We wanted to improve it further, and that’s what we’ve done. Now, with the ‘if’ condition, you can empower the fields to automatically set values, provided certain conditions are met.

So let’s say your sales agents set scores for all leads. But how do you determine which score makes a lead sales-ready? To simplify and speed up the whole process, you can set values for automated lead qualification.

How it Works? 

  1. Click on New in My Custom Fields
  2. Fill in the Module, Tab and Field name
  3. Choose the field type as ‘Formula’


  1. Select the Operator as ‘If’. Select the field for which the formula will be set (In this case, the field is Lead Score).
  2. A formula will appear. Put the field name in the formula with the related values. For example, in the given screenshot, we have set the formula as:

IF( {Lead Score} >= 4 , “Hot”, IF( {Lead Score} < 4 && {Lead Score} > 1, “Mild”, “Disqualified”))

That means:

  • If the lead score is above 4 then the lead ranking will be hot
  • If between 2-4 then mild
  • if 1 or 0, then disqualified.


  1. Click on Check Syntax
  2. Click on Save.

The custom field ‘Lead Qualification’ is created and will appear in every lead details page. Based on the scores given by your sales agents, the field will get automatically filled as Hot; Mild or Disqualified.

Final Thoughts

All these features are live and are sure to improve your experience of using ConvergeHub. So go ahead and give all a try in your CRM account. We’ll be waiting to hear your comments on how you’re using these new additions.

Thank you!


P.S. Twitter is also a great place to reach us.

Looking forward to see you there.

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