What’s new in ConvergeHub (Release Update: 12th May 2015)

Posted by Patricia Jones

We have released a new set of crucial updates in ConvergeHub. It incorporates multiple features and enhancements that users have been asking for since the product launch.

Advanced Search

Most of the fields under ‘Advanced Search’ now hold checkboxes instead of a simple dropdown. Using the checkboxes, you can select multiple values instead of just one. This increases the advanced search functionality and helps you to filter the data based on multiple criteria.

Project Module

1. ‘Assigned To’ field in the ‘Add New Project’ section.

While creating a new project in ConvergeHub, you can directly  assign the project to any of your sales, marketing or customer service representatives.

You can also assign the different tasks and sub tasks created under the project to one or more users.

2. ‘Copy’ functionality in the Projects module.

Most often we are required to create two or more similar projects in the CRM. In such cases, it doesn’t makes sense to do the work all over again. Just to cut short this procedure, we have introduced the option of Copy.

Now every time, you have to create a project that is similar to anyone already listed in ConvergeHub, simply copy that project, do the minor tweaking and store it with a new name.

Time Saved! No need to go through the long process of creating the project fresh in ConvergeHub.

Thai Language

We have introduced Thai-language support to ConvergeHub. Now you can change the language settings in the admin panel to create Thai translations for each module. This feature will help you to reach and engage with your Thai speaking employees, customers and associates who are more comfortable in their native language.

Display Chart

One of the commonly used modules in ConvergeHub is Reports. Just to help you get more value out of it, we have added ‘Display Chart’ functionality in Tabular Reports.

Check out Tabular Reports to see how you can view the reports’ data in a graphical presentation in the form of Pie Chart, Vertical Bar Chart, Horizontal Bar Chart, Line Chart, Donut Chart and Funnel Chart.

Aggregate Functions

Summary Reports now support a set of ‘Aggregate Functions’.

The new Aggregate functionality lets you find out Sum, Average, Minimum Value and Maximum Value of a group of data; and then view it via powerful charts and graphs.

For example, average lead score or average lead revenue through a Summary Bar Chart.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for being a ConvergeHub user. In the coming months, a series of enhancements are scheduled to get integrated within ConvergeHub small business CRM application. Stay glued to our website to know what’s in store.

ConvergeHub Team

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