Changes in cases and payment module

What’s new in ConvergeHub (Release Update on 16th June 2015)

Posted by Patricia Jones

WE are back with the roll out of a new set of integrations to our CRM application! The new release —  incorporates several crucial features and enhancements for a better real-time experience with ConvergeHub.

1. Payments:

Forget storing your clients’ payment details in spreadsheets or clunky software. Use ConvergeHub – now the fastest and most convenient way for you to store all your clients’ payment details.

Add payment mode, date, amount, transaction id, originator name, description and relate the payment to your accounts or deals. Find the payment listed in the sub-panel of the account/deal’s details page.

Overall, great for you to manage, track and review the clients’ payments at any hour of the day and time!

2. Cases:

We have added few extra layers of dimension in the Cases module. Check them below:

Customized Messages:

You can now choose the type of messages that will be sent to the customers and your customer support agents, on occasions when:

  • Customers post a ticket
  • Tickets are  assigned to the agent
  • Agents/Customers comment on the ticket
  • Case is closed.

There are 10+ pre-defined message templates in the system. Either choose from them or create your  own customized message template and add it in the Cases section.


We know that responding to the clients on time is a priority for you. That’s why now whenever your customers will post a ticket – the assigned support agent will receive a notification about it in ConvergeHub.

Case Number:

Tracking different case numbers can be challenging. We provide you the added benefit of customizing and initializing the case numbers as per your convenience.

Case Landing Page:

We are happy to announce a separate case landing page for your customers. Using which, they can immediately get a 360-degree view of the ticket details and the conversations happened between them and the support agents.
Case Category and Priority: It’s possible for you now to set the case category and priority from the admin panel. Just select the options and the tickets generated will automatically fall under the selected category and priority.

All the above-mentioned enhancements is sure to streamline the way you manage your payments and support issues. So go ahead and give all a try in your CRM account. We are sure that you will be impressed by our thoughtfulness.

In the meanwhile also check out our latest Press Release on Google Apps Integration.

Thank you!


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Looking forward to see you there.

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