What's new in ConvergeHub

What’s new in ConvergeHub (Release Update on 28th December 2015)

Posted by Patricia Jones

ConvergeHub is back with its share of monthly updates. After a thorough review and analysis of your feedbacks and suggestions, we have decided upon a new set of crucial features and integrated them within the application.

So without further ado, get on with a detailed study on what each one has to offer to you:

#1 New Editor

ConvergeHub has become the preferred emailing application for our users. In view of this fact, we wanted to ensure that our users get the best experience while emailing from the CRM. So we have come up with more advanced and feature-rich email editor.

Send Email New EditorWhether you require writing emails with  different fonts or with a lot of tables added to the email body – the possibilities now are practically endless. That is because, the new email editor offers a wide assortment of  features. Some of the important ones include:

  • Spellcheck
  • 18+ Fonts
  • Special Character
  • Multiple options in Date and Time format
  • Table Properties
  • Full screen Display
  • Preview.

In short – a better compose experience awaits you in ConvergeHub!

#2 Email Tracking

After days of discussions, you finally convince the client for a purchase. As the final closure to the discussion, you create the contract and email it – hoping that you will soon get it back signed and approved.

After waiting with bated breath for two days, you give a reminder call to the client, only to find out that he never got the email.

If this sounds familiar, then you are in for good news. We have added the much essential ‘Email Tracking’ functionality within ConvergeHub. That means you get rid of the dilemma –

Has the email got delivered or failed? 

Now ConvergeHub is empowered enough to inform you about the exact delivery status of all your emails. What’s even better – it provides you reason in situations when the emails bounce back.

How it works?

1. Send email to any lead/contact/account/partner.

Email Tracking2. Check the history tab in the subpanel of the (lead/contact/account/partner) details page. The history tab will initially show the email’s status as ‘sent’.

Email Status Sent3. After a few minutes the status will automatically turn to either Delivered or Bounced.

Email Status Delivered or Bounced4. Reason will be given if the email bounces back.

Email Status Bounces back#3 Transfer

A new customer service agent Denis has joined your organization and you need to assign him all the fifty accounts that were previously handled by your agent James. You open ConvergeHub, select all the accounts assigned to James and collectively reassign them to Denis. Great! But what about the several contacts, deals and products listed in the sub panel of all these accounts?

They are still assigned to your old agent James. So although your new agent Denis will get the fifty accounts details, he will not be able to view the related stuff with them.  In order to ensure that Denis gets a 360-degree view of all the accounts – you will have to open each account’s details page and then reassign all the related contacts, deals and products as well.

But that is a lot of work, isn’t it?

Keeping this in mind, we have introduced the ‘Transfer’ functionality. As evident from the name, it allows you to quickly transfer complete ownership of any lead/contact/account/deal/case/event/task from one user to another user.

So while transferring accounts from one agent to another, not only do you get the option to select the accounts but also get the option to select the related information that you want to transfer.

How it works?

1. Choose the accounts that you want to transfer from one agent to another.

transfer from one agent to another2. Click on the option Transfer in the Action drop-down menu.

Transfer in the Action drop-down menu3. Select the new agent to whom you want to transfer the accounts.

 Select new agent to transfer the accounts4. Select the related information (present in the sub panel of the accounts) that you want to transfer.

Related information you want to transfer5. Click on Save to complete the transfer process.

Save to complete the transfer process#4 Auto Login

We have partnered with leading software providers to  extend the reach and functionality of ConvergeHub. We have equipped these providers with comprehensive sales, marketing, support and technical resources.  The objective is to assist them thoroughly at every step and ensure a fruitful business collaboration.

It’s the result of this strong commitment towards our technology partners that we have acted upon  their most critical request and released an API for Auto Login option.

How is it useful?

ConvergeHub is integrated as an app in our partners’ web portal. The concept of integrated web portal is great minus one loophole – the hassle of double login process. Apart from entering the login credentials for accessing the web portal, users have to separately enter login credentials for accessing ConvergeHub app in the web portal.
To put an end to this double login fuss, API for Auto Login option has been released. Using it, our technology partners can ensure that their users do not have to separately enter login credentials to access ConvergeHub. Logging into the web portal can get them automatically logged into ConvergeHub as well.

That means – no hassle of remembering multiple passwords, better user experience, reduced login time and improved productivity.  Simple, Short and Efficient way of working !!

Final Thoughts

All these features are live and are sure to improve your experience of using ConvergeHub. So go ahead and give all a try in your CRM account. We’ll be waiting to hear your comments on how you’re using these new additions.

Thank you!


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Looking forward to see you there.

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