Alexa 360-degree customer view is a good thing, right? The answer is – It depends on how you use it.

360-degree Customer View: Treasure or Clutter?

360-degree Customer View: Treasure or Clutter

If you are in sales or marketing or customer service or CX or any department that has anything to do with customers at all, you must have heard the term ‘360-degree customer view’.

360-degree customer view is the concept of aggregating customer data from different touchpoints that customers have used to interact with the company – could be while purchasing a product or getting support or even interacting with chatbots.

And this involves collecting customer data from every possible source.

Website visits
Phone calls
Invoices sent
Payments received
Support tickets

It could be in the form of …
Structured data
Unstructured data
Master data
Behavioral data
Consent data
Transactional data
Sensitive encrypted data
… and the list is endless

And since we are getting better and better at this kind of tech … we are collecting oceans of data.

That’s a good thing, right?

Maybe …

Or maybe not …

The right answer is It depends …

It depends on how you are using the data.
It depends on context.
It depends on whether you have the data readily easily available to you when you need it.

Without that context, the data is nothing better than the big pile of clutter you have in the corner of your closet (or maybe in the garage? 😊)

So, before you start collecting data and think of it as the solution to all your problems … stop and think …

How do you plan to use the data?
When will this data be useful?
Is the data time sensitive?
How will you access this data when you need it?

Your next step should depend on the answers to these questions.

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June 16, 2022