Alexa Whether your organization should reap the benefits of new technologies is not even a question anymore. Question is HOW should it do that?

Disruption: Slow and Steady

Disruption: Slow and Steady

If you are a business owner or a business leader in your organization wondering whether your company should start moving towards digital transformation… whether it can reap the benefits of new technologies… let me tell you this…

It is not a question of IF

It is not even a question of WHEN

It is a question of HOW

Every company will have to implement advanced digital technologies if it wants to stay relevant … that is not even the question anymore.

But HOW should it go about doing it?

And even more importantly, how can they do it without disturbing the day to day working of the organization… making sure that there is no impact to their customers or revenue goals?

One option is to disrupt on a grand scale… take the decision and dive right into it… set up a separate unit responsible for the change… appoint a Chief Digital Officer… and drive the revolution from top down.

Another option is also to disrupt… but slowly.

Evolution rather than revolution.

Take the long-term view.

Do small pilots.

Proof of concepts.

Figure out all the use cases and start changing them one by one.

Then slowly scale up the change.

And this journey can look very different depending on the type of organization and the type of technology being implemented.

There is no right or wrong approach… both strategies work well depending on how well they are implemented.

Our team at ConvergeHub has experienced these journeys hundreds of times with our customers when they implemented ConvergeHub’s CRM software in their organization.

If you would like to brainstorm on the different approaches you can take to implement CRM technology in your organization, talk to us.

Or, if you like to check it out yourself, go ahead and create a free ConvergeHub account here.

June 9, 2022