Alexa Driving transformation is hard... studies show that 70% of digital transformation programs fall short of their objectives.

4 tactics that drive transformation

4 tactics that drive transformation

If we want to make a change in our lives … create a transformation … we must first believe in it … we all know this, right?
And we also know this is easier said than done … right? … thousands and thousands of books and blogs have been written on this topic alone.

But what if you are trying to drive a change in your organization?
Now you must drive change in not just yourself but in a whole GROUP OF PEOPLE …
And that can get VERY hairy … 😊

Maybe you are leading a digital transformation project in your company.
Maybe you are implementing a new software platform.
Maybe you are in charge of creating a new business process.
Or fixing a broken process …
Changing the way things are done around here …
And you are all charged and excited and fired up …

Until …

Nobody moves …
Nothing gets done as planned …
Deadlines missed …
Budget wasted …

What’s going on here?
Your team does not believe in the change that you are driving.
So what do you do to inspire belief?

Here are four things that you can do to trigger a strong commitment to change:

  1. Focus on the WHY – not on the WHAT: Spend less time talking about the details of the change (the What) and instead focus on why the change is the right change in light of the factors that matter most to them.
  2. Use different methods: Different people get motivated by different methods. Try many different methods such as awards, audits, reporting, communication, assistance, etc. Do not assume that others are like you.
  3. Just talk: Nothing beats a good old pern-to-person conversation. Sometimes you just have to talk to an individual to find out what inspires them.
  4. Monitor and adapt: For each team member, monitor the effects and side-effects of the methods you have adopted, and change and adapt as needed.

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August 4, 2022