Alexa During the pandemic many companies had to rethink the "right" way to do business and completely change the way they operate overnight.


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The pandemic has shocked each of us into rethinking our priorities and our assumptions at a personal level … and the same is true for businesses.
Many companies had to rethink the “right” way to do business and many companies had to completely change the way they operate overnight.
As much as that hurt, we are now beginning to see that not everything was bad … a lot of good did come out of those painful decisions.

Many of the assumptions that we had to rethink, were actually long overdue to be “rethought”.
And when we had no options but to adapt, things happened quickly.

Technology that we were so resistant to learning, suddenly became something we couldn’t live without.
Business processes that we thought would never be approved, were never even questioned.
Innovations that were too tough to try, suddenly became easy to implement.
Business models that customers would never accept, became the norm overnight.

These changes were long overdue.
The trauma of the pandemic just escalated the adoption.
It has also forced many businesses to drive positive changes.
Business leaders now have the opportunity to double down and continue the process of shattering assumptions.

Rethink assumptions on how to identify opportunities.
Rethink assumptions on what your customers want.
Rethink assumptions that affect your decision making.
Rethink assumptions on how your organization should do business.

Not every assumption is wrong, of course.
Not every assumption should be rejected.
But they need to be reassessed.

In my upcoming posts I will examine a few assumptions about Digital Transformation that many business leaders make.

Stay tuned!

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August 11, 2022