Alexa Avoid these goal-setting pitfalls for 2022

5 reasons why next year will be just like this year

5 reasons why next year will be just like this year

Is your inbox flooded with offers to self-improvement and success planning classes? It’s funny how every business leader’s inbox overflows with ‘success planning’ and ‘goal setting’ invitations around this time of the year. But before you jump in and join any of those classes/courses/masterminds/coaching sessions here are a few things to consider..

Are your business goals the “exact” same as last year?
Or the year before that?
Or from 5 years ago?


If your business goals are not changing, could it be because your organization is not making progress towards them?

If that’s the case, you are definitely not alone.
Studies have shown that 80% of New Year Resolutions fail before February.

Here are a few reasons why most “Business Resolutions” don’t work.. (and I’ve been guilty of all of them over the years)

  • Borrowed Goals – Around this time of the year planning seems like a mandatory activity. Especially after the challenges that every business faced in the last two years due to Covid, the pressure to plan is particularly strong. Are you planning because you “should” be planning? Are your goals your own or your competitors?
  • Planning timeline too long – Most businesses plan for the entire year. Some even plan for the next 5 or 10 years. In my opinion that is too long, it is better to set goals for 3-month or 6-month timeframe and monitor progress and change plans as needed.
  • Not considering the ‘how’ – Setting goals without knowing how to get there is important. It’s even a necessary exercise for success in business. But there is a clear difference between not knowing the exact steps and being clueless.
  • Too ambitious – Business goals should be grounded in business reality. They should be more than generic “wishes” for your business.
  • Not ambitious enough – And yet they should be ambitious enough to make your heart beat a little faster. The key is to set ambitious goals that you can believe in. As a business leader, if you don’t believe in your business goals your team certainly won’t.

So as we’re planning and goal-setting for our organizations for the next year, let’s avoid these common pitfalls and set ambitious goals that are grounded in reality, and then create a detailed plan with a timeline to follow through on each goal.

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December 22, 2021