Alexa How do you bring the magic of a brand new year into your business?

The magic and mathematics of a brand new year

The magic and mathematics of a brand new year

There is something magical about a brand New Year.. don’t you think?

We complete one trip around the sun and begin another trip.
It’s almost as if before we embark on another new journey, we get the chance to pause and think about our destination… where do we want to go? why do we want to go there? how do we get there? what do we do once we are there?

And while we answer those questions for ourselves, it is important to also answer those same questions for the organization, department or team that we lead (even if it is a team of one). What are the goals for our company this year? Why is important to achieve those targets? How will we achieve them?

To plan for the brand new year ahead of us, here are a few things we need to think through for our company:

  • Subtract – What do we need to eliminate from our organization? Is it negative mindset? Overly competitive work culture that does not encourage team-work? Unnecessary waste of time or resources? Decide what is holding us back and what we want to remove.
  • Add – What do we want to add? Maybe new processes? Focus of customer experience?
  • Multiply – What do we need to multiply in our company to achieve our goals? Maybe implement new technology that will multiply productivity? A shift in mindset that increases revenue growth?

It is important to remember that we don’t necessarily have to do one hundred and eighty degree turns in most areas. It is more likely that we need to make smaller adjustments to what we do now and increase our commitment to act on our goals.

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January 5, 2022