Alexa How you can use Technology as a tool to solve most business problems.

frustration or magic?

frustration or magic

How are Tech or IT related decisions made in your company? Does the senior leadership get involved? Do you get involved? Or is it relegated to “those tech guys” or “the IT dept upstairs”?

Somehow IT or Tech has got an image problem in most companies.
The C-level leadership associates it with problems… bottlenecks, constraints, over-budget projects and frustrations. Senior management usually does not want to deal with the complications of an IT project, and this leads to Technology being separated to a far-off siloed corner of the company.

That is such a waste…

It is a waste of..
business potential
opportunities for growth
competitive advantage
future revenue
and so much more..

For most businesses today, business and technology are not separate.
Technology is the Business.

If you identify your business in this situation, it really is time to stop.
Whether you are the business owner, the senior management, an individual contributor, or a leader without a title, take a step back and re-think the role of technology in your organization.

Business leaders need a major shift in mindset.

Technology is not a problem.
Technology is a tool to solve most business problems.
Technology is your magic wand that can create new business models, spur innovation, drive revenue, and create competitive advantage out of thin air.

In the coming weeks we will discuss more about how to take Technology from the silo in your company and make it the major enabler for business.

Meanwhile, if you need someone to brainstorm on how you can use Technology as an enabler for business, feel free to reach out to me.

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February 16, 2022