Alexa Digital Transformation is NOT a Technical Challenge. Implementing technology is not hard, using that technology in the business is the challenge.

NOT a Technical Challenge

NOT a Technical Challenge

In my last week’s post I talked about some of the assumptions that businesses had to rethink during Covid times … and while that hurt in the short term, we are now beginning to see that a lot of good did come out of those painful decisions.

So, let’s dive deeper and examine a few of the assumptions that had to be shattered … especially those related to Digital Transformation.

Assumption #1 – Digital Transformation is a Technical Challenge

This assumption feels true, right?

If the transformation is ‘digital’ then why is it not ‘technical’??

Because Technology, in and of itself, does not really do much for a business.

The Business itself needs to change using the Technology as a tool or a medium for change.

And that is very very hard.

Implementing a Technology is the easy part.

Using that Technology to change specific areas of business – operations, customer experience, business models, employee engagement, or anything else – is as challenging as it gets.

But that is what drives the business results.

Technology just enables the options.

It is up to the company’s leadership to actually execute on those options and drive meaningful business results.

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August 18, 2022