Alexa When you are implement new technology in your company, plan for a few speed bumps

speed bumps

speed bumps

Imagine that you are driving… nicely cruising down the street thinking about what you will do when you arrive at your destination..
… and suddenly you hit a speed bump
what happens?
You are jolted out of your day dream.. you hit the break.. slow down a little.. focus on the road a little more.. pay more attention to your surroundings.. all good things

… and then you continue on your journey.

Do you end your journey?
Does the speed bump make you give up on your plans for the day?
Do you change your mind about the destination because of the speed bump?
Do you reevaluate whether making this journey was the right decision?
Does it make you think that the drive is too difficult.. that the destination is not worth the hassle of the speed bump?
You know that slow-downs are part of the journey.. you expect them even..

But why is it that people’s attitude is so different when it comes to implementing technology projects in their organization?

Small slow downs..
Couple of hiccups..
Few challenges..
And people throw up their hands..

Too much effort, they say..
Too much time
Too expensive
Too much chaos in the company
Too complicated
Steep learning curve
Not worth the effort
Let’s stop

Wait.. WHAT??

Regardless of what any marketing brochure of any product says, making a change in your company that will have major benefits over a long period of time will need some effort. It will not be a bed of roses. There will be some challenges that will need to be worked out.

Some speed bumps should be expected.

So, if you are planning to implement any kind of new technology in your company, here is a new strategy to try – Expect speed bumps.
Plan for them. Know what you will do when they show up (they will invariably show up).

Having this attitude makes it much easier to handle difficult situations when things don’t go as per plan.
So, even if it slows things down a bit
It does not throw you off-track
You continue working towards your goal as planned
Knowing that the destination is definitely worth it.

Next week we will look at a few common speed bumps that occur during a typical technology implementation journey.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a technology that will have a long-term impact on your organization’s growth, talk to us.

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April 7, 2022