Alexa One of the most common barriers to a successful tech implementation is... People don't change

People don’t change

People don’t change

Continuing our discussion from last week.. when an organization is implementing new technology.. be it a CRM, an ERP system or building custom technology.. people generally expect the ride to be smooth..

Of course that is never the case..
Invariably some speed bumps show up.. which causes organizations to give up on their tech project all too soon.

That is such a waste.. of money, resources, opportunity, team-spirit, potential revenue, future business growth.. and so much more

So, I suggest a new strategy while implementing new technology: Expect speed bumps.

The ride will never be smooth.
So expect speed bumps.
And plan for them.

Knowing what kind of challenges to expect makes it easier to plan for them.

Having implemented new technology for many organizations for many years, I have seen many different types of challenges that stand in the way of a successful implementation. So, I’ll try to name a few of the common challenges in my upcoming blogs and explore some of the ways they can be overcome.

You would think that the most common challenge related to technology would be technical.
But you would be wrong.

One of the most common barriers to a successful tech implementation is… People don’t change

There are many reasons why your people will resist adopting the new technology..
Sometimes it is simply because change is hard… it is so much easier to maintain the status quo.
Sometimes people don’t want to learn new things.
Some are concerned about losing control.
Some are afraid that their job may be at stake.
Some are worried about data security.

You do need a defined strategy to address these concerns.
With proper training and team work and reassurances.. and more training.. everybody will slowly get onboard.

We will continue to discuss the common barriers to successful tech implementations in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a technology that will have a long-term impact on your organization’s growth, talk to us.

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April 14, 2022