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For most business applications, the size of the company making the purchase dictates the technology vendor chosen.

A perfect example of this are the advantages of using an SMB focused CRMs vs a Size-Agnostic CRM. However, there is one technology area where despite differences in company size, the needs are the same: communications.

Customers are the most important aspect of all businesses. Unfortunately, when it comes to making technology decisions about communications tools, companies make the mistake of evaluating vendors based on their perceived needs relative to their size when they should be evaluating vendors based on the communication needs of their customers.

Meaningful Interaction: SMS

Despite their brevity, text messages have proven time and time again to improve customer interactions and increase response rate.

By now, most salespeople have a story about how texting a prospect resulted in a closed sale.

People may not want to pick up a call because they’re in a middle of a project or about to walk into a meeting, but they will reply with a simple Yes or No.

With SMS functionality as a part of your communications strategy, you’re no longer relying on them opening their email, catching them at the right time, or them taking the time to enter a PIN to access their voicemail. Instead, you have the assurance that you’re connecting with your closet customers the same way they connect with closet people in their lives.

Face-To-Face: Video Conferencing

Everyone knows there is nothing better than meeting with someone face to face. However, most SMBs don’t have the resources to meet with all of their customers.

Video conferencing allows intimate interactions with customers despite lacking feet on the street in that market. For a sales organization, built-in collaboration features like screen-sharing allow your team to show what they’re selling and even interact by giving over screen control to the customer for a fully immersive experience.

Collaboration: Chat

Nobody likes to feel as though they’re merely being sold to.

People want to be collaborated with. At all stages throughout a customer lifecycle people like to feel that their needs are being heard.

Developing a collaborative relationship with your customers will help differentiate you for the slew of other vendors hungry to win their business.

With tools like Glip, your customers can interact directly with their point of contact from where your customers spend the majority of their time – in front of their computer screens.

Seemingly minor features like the ability to assign tasks to one-another (Yes, you can give your customer’s action items to complete), to indicator lights signaling if your contact is online, align your people as actual resources for their business and not just a vendor to whom they pay a service fee.


Too frequently, SMB business owners tell our sales representatives that “all I need is for the phone on my desk to ring.” Because RingCentral offers an all-inclusive pricing structure where a single user has access to the same features and functionality as enterprise customers, buyers mistakenly believe the platform is “too much.”

While for many large companies the loss of a single customer won’t be too deleterious, for many SMBs missing a communication could mean losing a potentially needle moving sale. With more at stake per customer, SMBs shouldn’t be taking more risk by compromising on the types of communications tools they use. Luckily, they must no longer!

Rachael Wright

Rachael Wright manages Go-To-Market and Program Development for RingCentral’s Integration Partners as a part of their Platform Product Marketing team.

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