Alexa The common theme behind all RED HOT TRENDS

there’s common theme behind all HOT trends

Around this time of the year when we all getting started on driving sales growth for the year, there’s one topic that keeps coming up – hot trends.

For a company like ours with a product that primarily focuses on acquiring and retaining Customers, the question that we get asked is:

What are the hot Sales trends for the upcoming year?

And when you’ve been in the CRM industry as long as we have been, there’s one thing you know about all hot Sales trends:

They NEVER live up to the hype.

These earth-shaking ground-breaking hot-off-the-press latest fads that everyone talks about for a few months never deliver expected results.

Over the years many new sales processes and methodologies get introduced in the business community – like Account Based Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Solution Selling, Challenger Sales, Social Selling – most of which are quite valuable when implemented correctly and within the context of the big picture. But, when leaders of the organization want quick results, they often put their entire attention on this “hot new trend” believing it to be the panacea for all their sales troubles. Of course that never works and unfortunately the process or methodology gets the blame.

So, if you are looking for the red-hot sales trends for 2022, here are a few time-tested trends that ALWAYS deliver results:

  • End-to-end Customer Journey – Customer journeys have become long and complex and we can deliver value to the customer only when we look at their entire journey.
  • Non-linear Communication – The channels of communication are increasing every day, and our prospects and customers are interacting with our organization through multiple channels in parallel. It is critical that organizations are able to have a cohesive personal conversation, regardless of the channel.
  • Accountability – Every customer-facing department should be held accountable and that is possible only when actions are being measured on a common set of data and metrics.
  • Productivity – Covid has changed the way we work. The importance of communication and productivity while working from remote locations cannot be overemphasized.

These are practical down-to-earth trends that always work when implemented correctly using proper business processes.
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January 19, 2022