Alexa Using Customized Easy To Use CRM Over Pre-Built On-Premise CRM

The Benefits Of Using Customized CRM Over Pre-Built On-Premise CRM Tools

CRM | by Patricia Jones

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an online lead management software and a business strategy, which helps you to manage and keep track of your customers, prospects, leads, and workflows. In other words, it is the best easy to use CRM software that manages a business establishment’s relationship with its potential customers.

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Companies that stay connected to their customers and thereby increase profitability by streamlining processes using a CRM find this exclusive business growth technology and tool extremely useful for contact management, sales management, productivity and more. The goal of CRM is, therefore, to improve business relationships.

When multiple streams of data come from the sales teams, marketers, customer service employees, and social media monitoring departments in an organization, easy to use CRM software help to find a clear overview of all your customer’s information in one place, for which CRM database is considered as the key element for increasing the company’s bottom-line and ROI.

This growth generated by easy to use CRM software is achieved by using a simple and customizable dashboard that provides customer statuses, the history of their previous purchases, and outstanding customer service issues and more.

When people talk about what is CRM , they mean any of these three elements that comprise customer relationship management, which are:

CRM as a Technology: Be it a cloud based CRM system or an On-Premise CRM software, this is a technology that people use for interacting between organizations and the user.

CRM as a Strategy: This is a customer relationship management guideline on how relationships with potential prospects, leads, and customers should be maintained to increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of the consumers of their offerings.

CRM as a Process: This is a system that businesses adapt to manage their relationship with the customers.

CRM Solutions- Nowadays

Due to web-based interfaces, the most popular easy to used CRM platforms are cloud based CRM software platforms. This solution allows the sales reps to access their leads and customer information from both computers and hand-held mobile devices at any time and from any location across the globe.

This SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is even more user-friendly than the traditional and old CRM application and can aid businesses in making better business decisions, enhance their service, and ensure quality support to the customers.

Reasons for building a customized CRM

Many software like SAP and Oracle offer enterprise-level systems. However, the problem with these software platforms lies in the complicated installation process and prohibitive cost factors, which often proves to be a burden for small and medium-sized businesses.

Lightweight customized easy to use CRM software platforms permit the users to adopt this technology not only in a short time but also at a fraction of the cost, compared to enterprise-level On-Premise CRM systems.

A customized CRM system for your needs

Although in several cases many businesses once they buy CRM use pre-built CRM solutions, however in such a case organization often find that there are many features and functions which may not be relevant for their particular business.

Therefore, while using a pre-built CRM during lead generation and contact management activities the entire process takes more time for people to learn system functions, which in turn lessens sales productivity. Using customized cloud based CRM software lets businesses get exactly what they want without unnecessary errors.


Customers play a very important role in all businesses. Irrelevant of what sort of product or services that your business offers, customers are the people who provide direction for your businesses.

Therefore, cloud based CRM software platforms be it enterprise-level CRM solutions like Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM software platforms mostly used by small businesses and startups help maintain customer data in CRM that aids in finding the desired demands of the customers to bring success for businesses.

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