Alexa Use Your Sales Time With These Hacks With Easy to Use CRM

Better Use Your Sales Time With These Hacks For Quick Revenue Growth

CRM | by Patricia Jones

Are you aware that only 35 percent of a sales rep’s time is actually spent in selling?

Well, we know these stats can be absolutely frustrating for the members of any sales team and for sales managers alike. Hence, to remain successful, sales reps have to not only become an expert at organizing their time but also needs to maximize it.

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Hence, as one of the most popular vendors of easy to use CRM over here we have compiled some of the most simple, tried, and common hacking tips that you and your sales reps can utilize to maximize their selling time.

Simplify Your Easy To Use CRM Data

As a manager looking after your sales teams, look for ways to streamline the quantum of information that you need your sales reps to collect and enter in the CRM database.

Now, it might seem absolutely alluring to evaluate and track every bit of information about the deals made by your sales reps. However, in reality, as you go on doing this it will steal precious time from your sales reps and moreover, too much of data feed into your CRM can prove detrimental for your sales teams if that information is incapable of providing any additional info that can help in revolutionizing your businesses’ sales process.

Automate As Many Activities As You Can

Regardless of whether you are using a CRM like Salesforce which is used by enterprise-level companies or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM predominantly used by small and medium businesses in either case sales automation is becoming more and more sophisticated every day.

However when we talk about data fidelity it can still feel like a gamble, and so your sales teams must identify activities in sales that are not heavily tied to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and so can be automated easily.
For example, if you are using a separate software tool like accounting software to create proposals for your prospective customers, make sure that you are leveraging integration like QuickBooks CRM , which helps to automatically pull data from your accounting software into your CRM database.

This is because automating tasks using Sales Force Automation (SFA) in a CRM means reducing errors that in the end save your sales teams countless hours of overtime.

Make Contents Easier To Find

It is hard to believe, but it is true that 60-70 percent of the contents created by B2B marketing teams, especially in small businesses are never used by sales.

Here is a solution:

Instead of your sales reps squandering their valuable time searching for contents, use a smart folder in your easy to use CRM that provides discoverability or use dedicated content distribution applications like DropBox™ or OneDrive™ that helps in sharing assets by integrating it with your CRM database.

Avoid The Back-And-Forth Scheduling

There are several business application tools available in the marketplace these days that permit your sales reps to schedule meetings by sharing a link to your calendar rather than exchanging several emails and messages to verify each other’s availability and thereafter suggesting a time for the meeting.

Integrating online appointment schedules with your easy to use CRM aids in easily avoiding this time suck and therefore provides more time for doing sales for your sales teams.

Use Data To Your Advantage

Leverage applications like PandaDoc™ and others for document management and automation provide really pertinent data and information like document viewing report, document forwarding report, and eSignature notifications that leverages the sales rep’s power to understand when to follow up.

Moreover, integrating document management software with the best small business CRM software provides instant access to this type of data that helps in completely eliminating the questions of whether or not contact or a proposal has been reviewed or received by the customers that boost the likelihood of winning the deals quickly.


Therefore irrespective of whether you are a team of 10 or 50, it is always beneficial and smart to dedicate some energy and time to leverage your sales operations and use sales enablement tools that help in dramatically reducing the time spent by your sales reps on routine admin works, so that your sales teams can find more time to sell, which directly translates to rapid business growth.

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