Alexa Steps For Creating A World-Class Customer Experience Strategy

7 Easy Steps For Creating A World-Class Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Service | by Patricia Jones
Customer Experience

Did you know, businesses that focus on their CX or Customer Experience are capable of reducing churn and boosting their revenues which can lead to higher profits?

1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, while 92% would completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions. Click To Tweet

In fact, according to Digital Marketing Trends Reports published by Adobe and Econsultancy, customer experience has been noted as the most exciting business growth opportunity to invest in this year.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

CX or Customer Experience refers to the total of all the experiences that a customer has with a brand or business, which is based on all the interactions and thoughts that the customer has about the business.

Is the customer experience the same as customer service?

Now, even though both these terms do not mean the same, yet customer service can be considered as a part of customer experience indeed.

For example, imagine you contact Amazon, since you found your order has not been delivered, whereby an employee from Amazon will reply to you fast, be very helpful and provide you with your refund within the next couple of days.
This can be considered as a great show of effective and efficient customer service.

Nevertheless, Amazon as a brand does not stop over here. Even after the service is over Amazon keeps recommending to you different products, based on the past purchases that you made, sends you reminders for your unfulfilled orders, and provides you vouchers from time to time.

Now, this can be considered as an example of great customer experience.

And because of this experience, the chances for you to leave Amazon will be very low.

This because great experience implies happy customers, and happy customers mean loyalty- which at the end translates to profits and growth for the company.

Therefore, now that you have understood the benefits of providing world-class customer experience.

let us find out how brands can create a better customer experience strategy for their business growth.

1. Start from within the company

To begin with and aspire for providing excellent CX, it is really critical that even before trying to cater a great customer experience to the customers, every employee within an organization must share the same vision and the core values of the company.

For example, the core values of Amazon are frugality, customer obsession, ownership, the basis for action, and providing high-bar for talents. Later Amazon also added a sixth value which is innovation.
Now, if you are employed with Amazon it is important that as an employee you must know and live by these values.

Hence ask yourself, what are the core values of your company?

What is the vision of your company or how do you want to be remembered by your customers?

2. Understand your customers

Customer segments are very generic. As a brand, you just cannot group people age 40-50 together just because it makes it easier for you. Moreover, it can always be 45 years old Steve might not be similar to 45 years old Patricia.
This is because, it can always happen that one among these two people uses technology throughout the day at work, and the other does not know how to even use a Smartphone.

This is the reason, as one of the most popular vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM software solutions, we insist on the importance of creating personas so that your employees understand and know better the need of each customer, in their database.

Actually, personas are fictional characters, which businesses must create based on their research in order to represent the different user types that might use their brand, website, or offerings in a similar way.

3. Build relationships with your customers

In modern times, just serving your customers is not enough, since every brand can do that in their businesses.

Therefore as one of the most popular vendors of easy to use CRM tools, we found what can differentiate any business from its competitors in the marketplace os the relationship that they build with their customers.

Show your customers that you care about their satisfaction, happiness, and wellbeing.

For example, brands like Zappos not only responds to every email they receive from their consumers but stands by to this practice even if it is to the CEO.

4. Train your Customer Support employees

Now, even though you probably would think that customer service is the last thing that you would like to invest in, on behalf of your company. But honestly, all the best technological solutions and products that your brand is offering would literally mean nothing unless your employees don not know how to talk and build world-class relationships with your customers.

For this always remember- how you say something is more important than what you say.

5. Gather customer feedback

Your customers talk about you all the time, you just have to invest in the right business growth technology solutions that can help you to listen to your customers.

Hence find out the ways that can assist you to get feedback from your customers. Use live chat tools, follow up emails, reviews, surveys, and listen to the social media interactions made by your customers.

6. Analyze your customer feedback

Ow, even though gathering feedback from the customers can be a comparatively easier task, analyzing them is not at all something that you can do easily.

This is because analyzing a large amount of data that too from different sources can get messy and confusing.

Hence buy a CRM or use AI-based tools that can do all these processes automatically. Modern business growth technology solutions are software applications that not only help you listen to your customers, but it also helps analyze their feedback and thereby make the customers happy by providing them with better customer experience.

7. If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it

You might be thinking right now “How can I measure something as abstract as customer experience?

CX seems pretty intangible – right?

Nonetheless, three are three key metrics that you can find in most Enterprise CRM software tools that you can use to measure the customer experience of your company.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This is a CX metrics that survey the customers based on just one single question:

How likely are you to recommend our brand to a colleague or friend on a scale of 0 -10?

Customers who are “promoters” of your brand score 9 or 10, while customers who score 7 or 8 are “passive” and those who score 6 to 0 are “detractors”.

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT/PSAT)

CSAT is another most popular transactional metric that is used for measuring customer experience.

In a CSAT survey, businesses ask a customer how content they are with the latest interaction with their brand, and often use a customer-service call or a purchase on a rating scale.

Unlike Net Promoter Score, CSAT is highly customizable and flexible in form, which implies you can ask different types of questions and use a plethora of formats in the survey to your customers.

  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

Lastly, businesses can even use CES (Customer Effort Score) surveys and ask their customers – “How much effort did you have  to expand to solve your request?

CES is a customer experience metric that is used to improve processes, workflows and systems that may frustrate the customers while purchasing or availing support from the brands.


We are sure as one of the award-winning CRM software vendors for small and medium business and startups that by following these steps one by one you will not only be able to create a great customer experience strategy for your brand but sticking to these guidelines will also make your customers happy and thereby decrease churn and increase your revenue.

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